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Small TVs for Entertainment in Snug Spaces

Sometimes you want access to your Netflix queue or the local news, but you don't need it on a 75-inch screen. From the dorm room to the dining room — wherever entertainment is a need but space is a premium — small TVs are an option. A 24 inch TV gives you plenty of screen for viewing movies or navigating video game landscapes, for example, without taking up an entire wall in a small room. Choose a small TV from Walmart Canada for entertainment in any room.

Why Choose a Small TV?

Small televisions are great because they're easy to incorporate into just about any room. They're also easy to tuck away behind pictures or in cabinets, so you can access video content whenever you like without marring your gorgeous room aesthetic with a screen all the time.

A 24 inch TV or even smaller screen fits easily into your dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or dorm room, letting you keep tabs on favourite characters or unwind with television programming in the most comfortable spot in your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Small TV

When buying a small TV, you'll want to consider some of the same factors as when purchasing a larger television. Here are some of the specs you might want to pay attention to when shopping for these electronics.

  • Wall mount: Most smaller televisions are designed to be mounted on the wall if you choose to do so, but don't assume this is the case. If you're trying to save room by eschewing the media cabinet, make sure the TV you pick can be installed on your particular wall.
  • Smart features: If streaming is your primary method of watching television, a smart TV is a good idea as it lets you connect directly to the internet and access apps such as Netflix. Not all small TVs come with this feature, but you can easily connect a streaming device to get the job done.
  • Refresh rate: This is how quickly the processor and panel populates the image as it changes. A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur of the image in fast-moving scenes. This is mostly a concern with LCD televisions.
  • Inputs: If you want to connect video games, DVD players or other devices, you'll need the right inputs. Some small televisions have a limited amount of HDMI inputs, so ensure you purchase a product that has enough ports for your needs.
  • Resolution: Many small televisions only support a 720p/1080i resolution, which is currently the lowest rung of HD TVs. Since you're viewing a smaller image than on something like a 65-inch television, however, this resolution is usually enough for a good viewing experience. 

Accessories to Go With Your Small TV

Don't forget to buy all the components and hardware you need to enjoy your small TV out of the box. Start with a wall mount if that's how you plan to install your television, and purchase new HDMI cables to connect your Blu-ray player or video game console.

Newer TVs are lightweight and smaller than older models, but that does make them more susceptible to electrical surges, so a surge protector is a must to protect your purchase. Universal remotes are a convenient item if you have multiple components; you can program them to control your small TV, DVD player, streaming devices or stereo system so you don't have to keep track of multiple remotes.

Shop Walmart Canada for everything you need to create an enjoyable entertainment experience. You'll find options for suit all types of preferences and spaces.





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