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Access Your Favourite Shows with a Versatile 32 Inch TV

Midsize television sets, such as Walmart Canada's 32 inch Smart TVs, are loaded with high-tech features, come at a price that won't break the bank, and let you view images without squinting. Solve your entertainment needs practically and affordably with a 32 inch TV or comparable midsize model.

Advantages of a 32 Inch TV

Televisions come in a variety of sizes, some smaller than 19 inches and others 70 inches or larger, and each has its benefits. But, midsize TVs, more than any other category, provide the most flexibility as far as room arrangement and usefulness.

Spiff Up a Dorm Room

What used to be a luxury item is now a requirement in most college apartments. The 32 inch TV is large enough to keep one or more roommates happy without taking up coveted space. It can usually sit atop a dresser or small bookcase, leaving the desk for more important things, like soon-to-be-due term papers.

Enhance Your Private Space

Many households set up a TV in one or more bedrooms. Whether you’re the type who likes to fall asleep watching a show or prefer to start your mornings off with a traffic update, a 32 inch TV screen can easily be seen from across the room, letting you view and listen to broadcasts while grooming.

Place Them Throughout the House

Thanks to their smaller footprint, televisions measuring 32 inches fit snugly in dens, home offices and even kitchens. Binge-watch your favourite shows while dusting or chopping vegetables to help make household chores a little less tiresome.

Workout areas and garages are also great places for an extra television, letting you follow along with aerobics instructors or watch a YouTube video on how to change your oil. If you have a porch or patio, 32-inch TVs are easy to move outdoors temporarily, so you can watch baseball games while enjoying warm summer weather.

Go High-Tech with a 32 Inch Smart TV

Connecting to the internet transforms your TV instantly from a device that only transmits cable signals into a versatile technological tool. You can use various streaming services such as Netflix, Prime and fuboTV, and it’s more fun watching YouTube videos on a large screen rather than your phone.

Some models have built-in streaming services like Roku, and others, like those by Samsung, let you search for your favourite app and sign in. While you might find voice assistance and other high-tech features on some 32 inch TVs, the next size category (40 to 49 inch) offers a few more options.

Enjoy Clear Picture Quality

Most of the 32 inch models have 1366 x 768 pixels, typically referred to as 720p HD TV. If you want to get into a higher resolution with 4K or UHD, you might want to look at slightly larger models such as those by RCA in the 50 to 59 inch category.

Connections and Ports

Make sure you have multiple ways to connect to your TV, including an HDMI port, coaxial connector, audio/video jacks and USB ports. This variety lets you connect to a cable service, view pictures on a flash drive, hook up speakers and work from your laptop directly on your TV screen.

Experience Trouble-Free Installation

Walmart Canada’s large selection of TV accessories makes it easy for you to set up your 32 inch TV, connect it to various mobile devices and mount it securely on the wall. Corner stands are also great solutions for midsize TVs, letting you make the most of an unused space.




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