50 inch - 59 inch TVs


Relax and Unwind in Front of Your Dream TV

There are few feelings more satisfying than reclining on the couch and switching on the television. With so much choice at our fingertips, we have the power to immerse ourselves in everything from breathtaking action sequences to astounding nature documentaries. Screen size is of the utmost importance, and 50 to 59-inch TVs are a great option for larger living rooms. 4K TVs enable a stunning level of picture quality, even for the biggest sets. 

Whether you love streaming, or you prefer watching television the old fashioned way, Walmart Canada has a range of TVs to suit your individual needs. 

Affordable Options

These days, most people want to have a state of the art television in their living room and bedroom. It's also a good idea to get a set for the guest room. There are some excellent options available from brands such as Sharp and Sanyo that have impressive specs for a reasonable cost.

For younger kids, a 55 inch TV screen in the bedroom may be too big. At Walmart Canada, you can find flat-screen televisions starting at 29 inches and under.

Picture Quality is Paramount

Whether you love watching sports, films or gaming, the most immersive and enjoyable way to view your favourite media is on a large TV. That said. the bigger your TV screen, the more important picture quality becomes.

At Walmart Canada, some of our latest models from brands such as LG and Samsung have 4K capability. Also known as UHD, a 4K TV has the ultimate high definition picture quality. Grainy, pixelated images are eradicated by this impressive step-up in technology.  

Benefits of a Smart TV

Smart TVs have changed the viewing habits of millions of viewers due to the sheer amount of choice available on the Internet. This type of television enables the user to connect the set to the world wide web without the use of a media streaming device. With lots of companies curating streaming services on a subscription basis, this way of viewing is set to continue growing in popularity.

One of the best things about using a smart TV or a streaming device is that it puts an end to flicking through hundreds of channels and still not finding anything to watch. The control is 100% yours — you can watch your favourite shows whenever you like without needing to remember to record it. If you have kids, they can watch their most beloved films and cartoons at any time.

Curved or Flat TV Screen?

Curved televisions are designed to replicate the rounded shape of the eye and give the viewer the ultimate viewing experience. They engage our peripheral vision unlike a traditional flat screen TV and give us a wider viewing angle. RCA has a range of curved sets at affordable prices.

If you're a fan of a wall-mounted television, a flat-screen may be more suitable. This sleek design is more aesthetically pleasing and can be hung or installed in furniture such as the bed.  

The Ultimate Way to Unwind

We live in a fast-paced world and live busy lives, and as such, relaxation and unwinding is paramount. You can kick back after a hard day's work and recline while enjoying your own home cinema. In a home entertainment system, the chair is almost as important as the technology itself. Walmart Canada also has a great range of units and shelves to match your decor and allow you to create your ideal home entertainment zone.  






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