60 inch - 65 inch TVs


Get the Big Picture with a 60 Inch TV

Whether you're watching action-packed movies, cheering for local sports teams or binge-watching your favourite shows, a 60 inch TV gets you closer to the experience and brings people together. With Ultra HD displays, your screen brings out maximum levels of detail, and with a 65 inch TV, your home theatre feels like a night at the movies.

The Best Quality from the Top Brands

In the past, bigger wasn't always better, but modern big screens come in resolutions high enough that the image remains clear and sharp even when you're sitting only a few feet away. They're great in any room and provide ideal picture quality for a large space or entertaining guests.

If you want the clearest picture possible, 4K TVs by LG and Sanyo present beautiful images in ultra-high definition, or UHD. These screens have double the resolution of high definition displays, bringing out finer details in your favourite shows and movies.

Most TVs feature either LED or LCD screens, and while these technologies are extremely similar, there are a couple of important distinctions that might make a difference in some living rooms. For most people, an LED display is the right choice, offering greater control over the image and producing deeper shades of black due to the local dimming capability of light-emitting diodes. An LCD screen is often an affordable alternative, rendering images of comparable quality for a lower cost. Most 60 inch TVs with LCDs also have a slightly higher maximum brightness, making them a great option for rooms that get a lot of sun.

Find What You're Looking For

Every home theatre comes with its own set of challenges, and your unique setup and personal preferences demand options. The 60 inch TVs at Walmart.ca come in many styles and variants, so there are a few things you should look out for when shopping for your new screen.

Curved screens are growing in popularity, and for good reason. These screens take advantage of the natural shape of the human eye, matching your field of vision at ideal distances and viewing angles to provide a more immersive television-watching experience. Models produced by Samsung give you a strong selection to choose from.

Check to make sure your TV comes with everything you need. Some models have a different number of ports for you to connect your devices, so if you need multiple USB ports, it's something to look out for. Wi-Fi is included with almost all 60 inch TVs sold today, and many sets come with Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience and compatibility, but not all screens come with ethernet ports for wired connections. Finally, make sure your TV comes with all the cables and connectors you need to set up the perfect system for your home.

You might also consider the refresh rate of the screen, ranging from 60hz, which is perfect for most types of media, all the way up to 120hz for hardcore gamers who don't want to miss a single frame of action.

Play It Smart with Advanced Features

Today's most popular TVs come with a selection of smart features that extend your experience. Most notable is native support for online streaming apps and the ability to read most forms of media you can plug into the television.

A smart TV typically includes a user interface designed for the living room experience. They come with apps pre-installed, such as Netflix or Crave, and you can download more to your device from your TV manufacturer's app store. Roku TVs have been refined to include the most essential features, and you can find a range of options from Sharp.

If you're looking to complete your home theatre system, a smart TV as the centrepiece gives you the broadest range of options for what to watch and how you want to watch it.

Affordable Prices on 60 Inch TVs

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a big screen with a crystal-clear image. LCD displays tend to be a bit cheaper than LED screens, but they produce very similar images, and the strengths of LED technology might not be important for all viewers.

If you really want to find a deal, refurbished 60 and 65 inch TVs from TVOUTLET.CA let you buy high-end sets at greatly reduced costs. These sets have been previously purchased and returned to the manufacturer and have been quality checked to make certain they're as good as new.




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