70 inch & Larger TVs


Finding the Right 70 Inch TV

Televisions have become a central part of modern living. They show us what’s happening around the world, draw us into amazing stories and give us glimpses into other people’s lives. With Canadians watching over 30 hours of television each week, it’s important to choose the right device to add to your home. Bigger is generally better when it comes to televisions, and a 70 inch TV may be the right choice for you.

Choosing the Right Size TV

When watching your favourite TV shows, you want to feel fully immersed in the story. A bigger TV can help you feel like you’re a part of what’s happening on the screen, so most people want to go as big as possible. The best size TV for you really comes down to picture quality. The image on a television is made up of pixels, and in general, more pixels mean better picture quality. But on a large screen, you may be able to see those pixels individually when you’re sitting close.

When deciding on the size of your new television, think about the size of the room and how far away from the television you sit. In a very small room, the picture may look better with a model that’s 60 inches in size because the pixels are not distinct. In a large room, you may be able to go to a 75 inch TV or larger. The resolution makes a big difference in sizing. Televisions with 4K resolution have more pixels than the older 1080p models, meaning you can sit closer without losing image quality.

Features to Look for in Your 70 Inch TV

After choosing size and picture quality, you can look at other features in the television. Many people today want a smart TV. These let you access the internet and easily use streaming services without needing a media streaming player. Another consideration is the number of HDMI ports available on the television. These ports let you plug in other devices such as sound bars and game consoles. Make sure there are enough ports for all the devices you plan to use.

Some television manufacturers have added extra features for picture quality that you may be interested in. Local dimming lets you dim the backlight of parts of the screen that display as black. This can help you see details in the shadows of images. This is especially helpful if you watch a lot of films that have dark scenes. High dynamic range video, or HDR, displays more intense colours and a larger number of colours, adding to the visual spectacle of the films you watch. However, it’s important to remember that HDR will only show up on shows that have been produced as HDR content.  

Setting Up Your Viewing Area

Now that you have your television picked out, it’s time to make sure you’re comfortable while you watch. Start with a comfortable chair and set your new 70 inch TV up on a wall mount or stand. You may also wish to attach a Blu-ray player or other media streaming device.

One thing to remember about the new flat-screen technology is that manufacturers sacrificed sound quality for the thin screens. Speakers in televisions are smaller, so for the best experience, think about adding a home theatre system. Adding a few speakers can give you a surround sound experience for a truly amazing experience. The last thing to buy is a copy of your favourite show, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your 70 inch TV.




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