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If you’re just venturing into the world of 4k TVs or are looking for a simple screen size upgrade, Walmart Canada has a wide assortment of televisions to choose from at awesome prices. Seeking a Smart TV? We have those. Looking for brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung? Browse countless options in a variety of screen sizes including 70 inch and larger as well as more compact 29 inch & smaller options.

Smart TVs give you the power to download apps and stream your favourite online videos. Brands like RCA, Sharp and Samsung all offer a number of options. Imagine sitting down and being able to fire up your favourite Netflix show from your TV without the need of a gaming console or USB stick.

One of the most important things about a TV is the picture quality and 4k televisions bring four times the resolution of Ultra HD TV – imagine the crisp visuals along with beautifully rendered colours. It will make any movie or tv show that much better.

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