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Access a World of Content with a Smart TV

Watch streamed online content along with broadcast programs and cable shows using a Smart TV. Internet connectivity lets you browse the web on your TV screen and sync your television with smart speakers and other devices in your home. Whether you're searching for a compact smart television for your bedroom or a wall-mountable 4K TV to use in your living area, Walmart Canada has smart TVs for every room of your home.

Affordable Smart TV Options

Enjoy internet-based content with a smart TV that has an Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi. With screen size options ranging from 32 inches to over 70 inches, it's easy to find a television that fits into your available space. For access to live broadcasts and a variety of media, add a media streaming device or look for an RCA television with Roku capability built into the system. A secure universal TV mount lets you attach your smart TV directly to the wall to save space, or you can get a model with a stand and set the television directly on your entertainment centre.

High-Definition Viewing

When you're watching your favourite TV shows and movies, picture quality makes a big impact. Look for high-definition 4K TVs, which provide four times the resolution of a 1080p screen, to get a sharp picture that lets you see every detail. Smart TVs with 4K Ultra HD from Samsung, Sony and LG give you a cinematic experience in your own home, so soaring vistas look especially majestic and close-up moments in your favourite film feel more intimate. Flat LED screens provide plenty of mounting and display options, while curved screens offer a wider viewing angle and provide a greater sense of immersion since the action seems to surround you on all sides.

Extensive App Capabilities

One major advantage of a smart TV is the ability to use internet-based apps directly on the screen. Some televisions come with their own app service, making it simple to find dedicated content focused on topics such as sports or breaking news. Music apps give you the option of streaming play lists or exploring new genres through the TV, while kitchen and exercise apps provide step-by-step video instructions to help you reach your culinary and fitness goals. App capability also lets you access some of your favourite games and play online. If you have a separate video game console, you can connect it to your smart TV to play directly on the screen.

Voice Control of Your Smart TV

Some smart TVs come with voice capability, so you can operate them from across the room without a remote. Simply ask your television to play a specific show, navigate to a particular website or turn off after your movie finishes playing and the screen reacts automatically. Integrate your smart television with your smart phone and other smart devices throughout you home for even more functionality. Use a voice command to launch live video from your smart doorbell on your screen, or turn off your TV with your smart phone after you've left the house.

Creating a Home Theatre with Smart Devices

Turn your living room into an immersive home theatre with a smart TV that connects directly to your other devices and accessories. Pair your television with smart speakers or a sound bar to generate impressive surround sound that complements the HD content on your screen, then add a DVD or Blu-ray player to watch recorded media from your home collection.




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