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Gear Up with Smart Wearable Technology

Wearables have been a silent revolution in the world of personal computing. Wearable technology is a big category that includes smart watches and footstep meters, motion sensing technology and some heads-up display units. People use wearable tech for all sorts of purposes, from fitness and exercise to distance tracking and personal communications. Walmart Canada has wearable technology in a wide selection you can choose from at reasonable prices.

Wearable technology is a sort of catch-all term for wearable devices you can use for fitness, communications and other personal or business uses. Whether you're trying to make your workout extra smart, or you're sharing documents with co-workers on the go, intelligent wearables have the potential to turn every place you go into a gym or office, often at the same time.

Wireless Activity Trackers

Activity tracking is one of the first applications most people think of when the subject is wearable technology. Fitness trackers are usually small enough to fit on a wristband or workout belt, and most have a digital display you can read while you're jogging. By measuring your average stride length and number of footsteps, a smart fitness tracker can give you a clear read on how fast you're burning calories, what kind of distances you've covered and where your peak performance falls in a normal workout.

You don't have to run through the park or hit the bike trails near your office to get this kind of optimized workout. In many ways, fitness trackers work even better indoors, such as when you're riding a stationary bicycle or walking on the treadmill. Connect your fitness tracker to the home or office Wi-Fi to get real-time readouts on your heart rate and respiration, rate of progress and other key pieces of data. Not only does this help you chart your progress toward weight loss and cardio conditioning, smart wearable tech can often feed data directly to your doctor's office to be included in your chart.

Smart Wristwatches for Everywhere

Smart watches are also often capable of fitness tracking, but they can do a lot more than help out at the gym. These devices are no bulkier or more demanding than a common watch, but the ever-expanding list of features they bring to the game make them feel like wearable computers or smartphones that fit on your wrist. Speaking of which, many smart wristwatches can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to a smartphone neatly tucked into a pocket or purse. This lets you make and answer calls on your arm, call up music from your playlist or have a brief chat with Siri about the best places for lunch nearby. This kind of thing often works best with a set of wireless earbuds, which help keep your privacy and makes the music or conversation easier to hear.

Wearable Technology for Smart Communication

It's pretty cool that you're tracking all your steps and bike rides and such, but at some point, you have to transmit some of that information to somebody, or at least you need to communicate during the several hours a day when you're tracking all that exercise. Wearable technology has something to offer here as well, since the ability to communicate to anyone, from anywhere, is one of the great innovations since the telephone or computer keyboard.

You can already get email and text messages on your phone, but it takes something a little bigger to handle text, graphics and video the way they are meant to be seen. Walmart Canada has several varieties of virtual reality headsets in stock that you can choose from, each capable of rendering video and image-based messages in fine detail when you're not close to the computer. Wearable display technology has come a long way since it had to be plugged into a booth to render an image, and some portable VR sets are good enough to wear while you're riding (as a passenger, hopefully) in a car, eating lunch in a restaurant or — best of all — lounging poolside on vacation. If you work with blueprints, graphic design, report presentations or other graphic media, a sturdy VR set can come in handy.





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