Walmart Protection

Get added protection
for your purchases
and yourself

Walmart Protection. Get added protection for your purchases and yourself.
Walmart Protection
Discover all the easy, affordable ways we can help you
protect your purchases, finances, and confidential information
with Walmart’s Protection Plan and Value-Add Services.

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart Protection Plan *

If your covered product breaks down, we’ll repair it, replace it, or reimburse you for it.*

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Value-Add Services


Keep your personal and financial information safe

  • One call to cancel and replace lost and stolen cards.
  • Personal information protection and monitoring.
  • Protection for devices where personal information is often stored.
  • Protection for you and your important assets while travelling.
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Credit Alert Plus®

Help protect what’s yours. You’ll receive:

  • Alerts if certain changes are noticed in your credit file.
  • A comprehensive credit report.
  • Monthly credit score updates with access to an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Identity theft assistance in case you are a victim.
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