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Why choose Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®?

Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® has no annual fee and lets you easily spend your Walmart Reward Dollars™ like cash* on your choice of virtually* anything Walmart sells online and in store. That’s over a million plus items!

Earn Walmart Reward Dollars™ on all your purchases
1.25%1 at Walmart
1% Everywhere else

Welcome Bonus
Start saving* with up to $25 in bonus† Walmart Reward Dollars™.

$15 Welcome Bonus + %10 Paperless Statement Bonus = $25 in bonus Walmart Reward Dollars™ to redeem on virtually* anything in-store or online at

How can I earn Walmart Reward Dollars™?

You can earn Walmart Reward Dollars™ with the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®. Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® has no annual fee and with it you earn Walmart Reward Dollars™ with every purchase on the card. To apply click here

Where can I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™?

Walmart Reward Dollars™ can be redeemed in $5 increments for virtually anything Walmart Canada sells in-store and online at

How do I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ on

When you are selecting your payment method on the Check Out screen, you will see the option to “Redeem Walmart Reward Dollar™” in the left hand column. Once you select this option, you will be able to choose how many rewards to redeem, in $5 increments. Once you have set the rewards amount you’d like to redeem, click ‘Apply’. (If you don’t wish to redeem rewards, don’t click the Apply button and continue with your transaction as usual.) On the Order Confirmation page, you’ll see how many Walmart Reward Dollars™ were applied to your payment and the remaining payment amount that will be charged to your card.

Can I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ for Marketplace items on

Yes! Walmart Reward Dollars™ can be redeemed for anything sold on This means you can choose from thousands of products available as part of Walmart Canada Marketplace! Walmart Canada Marketplace allows third party sellers to offer products on alongside the products Walmart sources.

Can I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ for Grocery purchases on

Yes! Walmart Reward Dollars™ can be redeemed for anything sold on including groceries! Imagine doing your grocery shopping AND getting items for free with Walmart Reward Dollars™ from the convenience of your device!

Can I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ for AutoSave purchases?

Yes! You are able to redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ towards your first AutoSave delivery each time you set up an AutoSave subcription. Future AutoSave purchases are billed when they ship (e.g. each month) and your order will be charged to the credit card at that time. For this reason, Walmart Reward Dollars™ can’t be redeemed for the future AutoSave deliveries.

How do I cancel a Walmart Reward Dollars™ redemption on

If you decide against redeeming Walmart Reward Dollars after placing an order on, please cancel the order within 30 minutes. The rewards will then be refunded to your account.

What if I decide to return an item to the store that I’ve purchased on and redeemed Walmart Reward Dollars™ for?

When you return your purchase, your rewards will be refunded to your Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® account. If you return a portion of an order, partial rewards will be refunded. Almost anything you buy from Walmart on can be returned within 90 days. For Marketplace items, each Third Party Seller on has its own return policy, which may differ from Walmart’s corporate return policy. To learn about the return policy for a Third Party item you purchased or are interested in please refer to the Seller’s individual return policy on the product page.

How do I manage my Walmart Reward Dollars™?

Always know how many Walmart Reward Dollars™ you can redeem by tracking your balance in three ways:

  1. Every time you use your card at Walmart, the credit card reader will show you how many Walmart Reward Dollars you have available to redeem.
  2. Access your account online at any time to view your Walmart Reward Dollars™ balance, statement, transaction summary and more.
  3. You will receive a statement with your account balance, activity, transaction history, credit limit, and Walmart Reward Dollars™ information every month.
Simply press a button on the credit card reader to redeem Walmart Reward Dollars™ like cash* in $5 increments on virtually* anything Walmart sells.

How do I set up and manage my account online?

Get started today. Register your card online by clicking the 'Sign in' button on the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® homepage.

In 3 easy steps, you’ll have access to all your transactions, account and rewards information online – anywhere, anytime.

  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Create a profile with a username and password
  • Verify your account, and sign in

How do I activate my card?

Call 1-888-779-2977 to activate your card and start earning Walmart Reward Dollars™ everywhere you shop.

How can I sign up for paperless billing?

Subscribe to paperless by visiting our Paperless page. You'll receive $10 in bonus Walmart Reward Dollars™ for signing up.

When you go paperless you'll:
  • Save time with fast and easy access to your monthly statements.
  • Have access to your current and previous accounts and rewards information anywhere, anytime.
  • Save paper and help the environment.
  • Receive $10 in bonus Walmart Reward Dollars.
Go paperless

Where is the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® accepted?

You can use your Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

What should you be aware of before agreeing to sign up for optional products on credit cards?

Before you agree (verbally or in writing, in paper or electronic form) to sign up for an optional product or service, the Bank must provide you with a summary (written or verbal) that contains the following information about the optional service or product:

  • a description of the product or service
  • the term of the agreement
  • how to cancel the product or service
  • all related fees and costs for the product or service, or information about how the fees will be calculated
  • an example to illustrate the method

If you consent verbally, the Bank must provide you, without delay, with written confirmation of your consent for the new product or service. The Bank may also provide this confirmation electronically if you so choose.

For more information please visit Consenting for optional products.

How does Credit Card Fraud happen?

Credit card fraud happens when someone steals your credit card, credit card information or personal identification number (PIN) and uses it without your permission to:

  • make a purchase at a place of business
  • make a purchase or transaction online
  • make a purchase or transaction by telephone
  • withdraw money from an automated teller machine (ATM)
A person can steal your credit card or credit card information by:

  • going through your garbage or mailbox to find credit card statements or other banking information
  • swiping your credit card through a device that copies the information stored on the magnetic stripe of your card
  • hacking into the computers of companies and stealing credit card information
  • installing small devices on payment terminals that record your credit card information
  • phishing, that is, sending you an email that looks like it comes from a real business asking for credit card information
  • asking you to use your credit card on an illegitimate website to make a “purchase”

How can I protect my credit card from fraud?

Prevent credit card fraud by protecting your credit card and your personal information.

Chip cards
In Canada, all federally regulated financial institutions must decline any magnetic stripe transactions.

All newly issued Canadian credit cards have a computer chip that makes transactions more secure. The computer chip works with your PIN to make sure you give permission for each transaction. This helps protect you against fraud if someone steals your card.

Credit cards with computer chips still have magnetic stripes. This is so you may use them in countries that don’t have chip-reading technology.

Keep your PIN secret
Choose a PIN that is difficult to guess. For example, avoid using your birthday, Social Insurance Number, address or telephone number as your PIN.

Make sure you do the following to keep your PIN secret:

  • never share your PIN with another person, not even a family member or partner
  • try to memorize your PIN rather than writing it down
  • if you write it down, make sure you keep it in a safe place away from your credit card
  • change your PIN often
For more information please click on the URL below:
Credit Fraud


What is Instant Credit on Walmart Rewards® MasterCard™?

Just like the service offered in our stores, Walmart Canada is now offering shoppers the opportunity to apply for a Walmart Rewards® Mastercard™ online and use their new account instantly upon approval with a $500 temporary shopping pass.

How can I apply for Instant Credit?

Simply click on any Walmart Rewards® Mastercard™ banner on As your first step, either sign in or create a account. Next you’ll be able to complete a quick credit card application. After submitting your application and upon approval you will receive a message indicating that your new account is ready for use. At this point, simply click the button to ‘Continue Shopping on’ and select your purchases. Upon Checkout, your new Walmart Rewards® Mastercard™ will be prepopulated in the Payment Method section. Keep this payment method selected and simply place your order for up to $500. Your credit card statement will arrive in the mail within 20-30 days after your purchase and will indicate your payment due date.

How long is the temporary shopping pass valid?

The temporary shopping pass is valid on only and must be used by 11:59pm midnight EST the day of application for purchases up to $500 including tax.

What if I’m not instantly approved?

You may continue with your purchase that day using any other accepted payment method. We may just need to get additional information from you in order to approve your new Walmart Rewards® MasterCard™ account. Please watch for a phone call or letter. Upon approval, you will be able to use your new Walmart Rewards® MasterCard™ when it arrives in the mail.

When will my physical credit card arrive in the mail?

Upon approval, your new Walmart Rewards® MasterCard™ will arrive in the mail within 10 business days after your application was received.

Do I earn Walmart Reward Dollars™ on Instant Credit?

Yes! You will earn 1.25%1 in Walmart Reward Dollars™⃰ on your purchase using your new Walmart Rewards® Mastercard™ account – and this purchase counts as your 1st Walmart purchase. You will also be half-way towards your $15 Welcome Bonus† after purchasing on Simply use your card once anywhere else when you receive it in the mail.

Can I buy groceries and/or Marketplace items with my temporary shopping pass?

Yes! Your temporary shopping pass is valid for use on anything sold at

What if I decide to return an item that I’ve purchased on with my temporary shopping pass?

Upon return, a credit will be applied to your Walmart Rewards® Mastercard™. Depending on the timing of return and your payment due date, you may need to make the minimum payment on your first statement to keep your account in good standing.


What does the Walmart Protection Plan cover?

The Walmart Protection Plan provides coverage up to 3 years, beyond the traditional manufacturer's warranty**. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, the Walmart Protection Plan covers failures due to wear and tear, power surges, pixel failures, heat and humidity damage, mechanical and electrical failures. Drops, spills and cracked screens are also covered for laptops, tablets and prepaid mobile phones.

Please see Walmart Protection Plan Terms & Conditions for additional details.

Where can I purchase a Walmart Protection Plan?

When you purchase a product from a Walmart store that is eligible for the Walmart Protection Plan, the cashier will ask you if you would like to purchase a Walmart Protection Plan. If you have purchased an eligible product and are within our return policy, please bring the receipt of the eligible product to the nearest Walmart store and an Associate at Customer Service will be able to provide assistance.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is quick and easy. Please have your receipt ready and call Asurion at 1-855-308-7295 to speak to a customer service representative, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or online at

Will my product be repaired or replaced?*

If your covered product experiences a break down, we’ll repair it, replace it, or reimburse you for it. Please see Walmart Protection Plan Terms & Conditions.

Is the Walmart Protection Plan transferable?

Yes, you can transfer your plan to a new owner. The plan can be registered by calling 1-855-308-7295, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who do I contact for questions or assistance with InfoProtector® Plus?

Please contact Sigma Loyalty Group at 1-866-746-9757 or local 416-306-0327.

Who do I contact for questions or assistance with CreditAlert® Plus?

Please contact Sigma Loyalty Group at 1-866-746-9758.


Who uses the Western Union money transfer service?

Anyone needing to send or receive money quickly, people supporting friends or relatives living abroad, foreign workers, pleasure travelers, anyone who needs to pay a bill immediately, or business people needing to make fast international remittances.

Where is Western Union located in a Walmart store?

Western Union is located at the Customer Service desk in all participating Walmart stores. Click here to find your closest store.

What do I need to send money using Western Union from a Walmart store?

Valid government-issued photo identification and a completed green Money Transfer Send form is required to send money using Western Union from a Walmart store. Forms are available at the Customer Service desk.

What methods of payment are accepted for sending money?

Walmart stores only accept debit card and cash (subject to cash acceptance limit at Walmart location) as eligible forms of payment for Western Union money transfers. If the money transfer amount exceeds the daily debit card limit set by your bank, you may want to contact your bank in advance to inquire about increasing the limit.

How does the Western Union Money Transfer service work at Walmart*?

Simply visit the Customer Service desk at any participating Walmart location and let the Walmart Associate know you’d like to make a Western Union transaction. You must show a government-issued photo identification and complete a Money Transfer Send form. Provide the Associate the amount of the transfer (in cash or debit) plus applicable fees (commission and foreign exchange) in order to complete the transaction.

How are money transfers paid out to individual receivers?

In most cases, money transfers are paid out in cash in local currency. However, depending on the amount sent and local regulations, some money transfers will be paid out by cheque, or in a combination of cash and a cheque. Other restrictions may apply. Please see Money Transfer Terms and Conditions

How can I find out if my money transfer has been received?

Any time after you make a transaction, you can track your money transfer here:

All you need is your name and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) found on your receipt to verify if the money transfer has been paid to the receiver.

How do I pick up a money transfer?

You can pick up your money transfer at the Customer Service desk in all participating Walmart stores in Canada by completing the Receive Money form and presenting a valid government-issued photo ID to the Walmart associate. Money Transfers can be received at Walmart stores using debit card or cash (subject to cash availability at Walmart location). If the money transfer amount exceeds the daily debit card limit set by your bank, you may want to contact your bank in advance to inquire about increasing the limit.

What pieces of identification can be used for sending and picking up money transfers?

A provincial driver’s license or current passport is required. In Quebec, a Personal Health Identification card or another piece of photo identification issued by provincial, territorial or the federal government is also acceptable.

Quick Collect Bill Payment FAQs

How can I make bill payments using the Quick Collect service?

The Quick Collect service allows you to send a payment directly to a participating biller in Canada.

How do I find out if a company accepts bill payments through Western Union?

Not all billers have chosen to accept payments through Western Union. You must contact your biller directly to obtain this information. Make sure to ask for your biller’s CODE CITY and CODE PROVINCE in order to process the transaction.

What information is required to send a payment using the Quick Collect service?

You will need the biller's CODE CITY and CODE PROVINCE and your billing account number in order to process the transaction.

How much does it cost to send a payment through the Quick Collect service?

There is a fee of $15.00 Canadian dollars.

How do I know if my biller got the payment?

You will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on your receipt as confirmation that the payment was sent to your biller. You can then contact your biller and confirm receipt of the payment using the MTCN.

Consumer Fraud FAQs

What can I do to protect myself?

Western Union is a great way to send money quickly and conveniently to friends and loved ones. Consumers should only send money to individuals they have met in person and verify all emergency situations before sending. Never send money to someone you have met online or for internet purchases, or send funds from a check you recently deposited until the funds have cleared in your account.

Western Union does not guarantee the receipt or quality of any goods or services an individual may purchase using a consumer to consumer money transfer service as a payment method. Under no circumstances should the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) or the test question feature be used as additional security or to time or delay a transaction. Also, sending money in the name of a friend or loved one to show proof of funds or to ensure receipt of goods will not provide protection when doing business with a stranger.

Are there common consumer fraud scenarios to be aware of?

  • Be wary of once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.
  • Be wary of a return of a lost pet or valuables
  • Beware of bargain-priced electronics or other equipment.
  • Be wary if you are required to pay a fee before receiving a loan.
  • Beware of sweepstakes, prize or lottery company representatives who tell you to transfer money to them in order to claim a prize you've won. There are many companies running fraudulent contests that ask you to transfer them money but give you nothing in return.
  • Beware of unsolicited letters or emails from someone posing as a foreign government official requesting assistance in the transfer of excess funds from a foreign country into your bank account.
  • Beware of telephone calls from the police claiming someone you know has been in an accident or arrested and is requesting money.
  • Beware of unsolicited letters or emails offering an unrealistic price for expensive or difficult to find merchandise.
  • Make sure you know to whom you are sending money. If you are purchasing goods or services and paying through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to verify the reputation and legitimacy of the seller. Western Union is not responsible for the non-receipt or quality of any goods or services.

What can I do if I suspect fraud or I have become the victim of fraud?

  • If you have just sent a money transfer transaction and suspect that you may be a victim of fraud, ask the Associate to cancel your transaction immediately.
  • If you have already left the store, call the Western Union fraud hotline at 1-800-448-1492. If the transfer has not yet been picked up by the receiver, your principal will be refunded.
  • If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, you can contact your local law enforcement authorities.

Questions for Life, Health and Travel Insurance

Who do I contact with questions, requests for quotes or to make a claim for Walmart Term Life, Accident Insurance or Hospital Cash?

Please contact The Canada Life Assurance Company at the following numbers:

Accident Insurance: 1-855-272-4749
Term Life Insurance: 1-855-272-4750
Hospital Cash:1-855-272-4751

Who do I contact with questions, requests for quotes or to make a claim for Travel Insurance?

Please contact the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife) at 1-844-812-8790

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