Get big rewards in store, online, and at any gas station, with no annual fee.

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Everyday Rewards

Earn Walmart Reward Dollars™ every time you use your card to make a purchase at Walmart and everywhere else. Use your rewards like cash* on anything Walmart sells.

Earn Reward Dollars on your everyday spending.

We’ll help find the right card for you.

Start with up to $25 in bonus Walmart Reward Dollars.™

$15 Welcome Bonus


$10 Paperless statement Bonus

Even more benefits

Plus, new, simple ‘on the go’ tools to help you manage your account.

Optional extras

1 Walmart Reward Dollar = $1 Dollar to spend at Walmart.

The math is that simple! Redeem your rewards for free stuff.

See how much our customers have earned in free groceries and merchandise at Walmart since 2010.


Source: Duo Bank of Canada

Interest rates

Apply in minutes and start shopping right away!

You’ll receive a temporary shopping pass with instant approval.

Connect with us

Customer Service:
Please call us at 1.888.331.6133 or TTY 1.877.763.0997.
Monday-Saturday: 8am-10pm (EST)
Sunday: 10am-9pm (EST)

Walmart Rewards Mastercard
P.O. Box 187 Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z6

Lost or Stolen Card?
Call us immediately at 1.888.925.6218 within Canada and the US or call us collect at 1.647.788.2929 if outside of Canada and the US.

How to resolve your concerns with Walmart Rewards Mastercard
You may escalate to our Ombudsman in writing in accordance with the attached Complaint Handling Process.

Have Questions? We have answers.

Walmart Rewards World Mastercard

Earn Walmart Reward DollarsTM even faster:

  • 3% at Walmart.ca1
  • 1.25% at gas stations2
  • 1.25% at Walmart stores in Canada3
  • 1% everywhere else

Liability Protection4: gives you peace of mind knowing your card is protected against fraudulent purchases.

Mastercard Global ServiceTM: Get emergency cash, replace your lost or stolen card, and more 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Free Extended Warranty Plan5: Doubles the manufacturer’s regular repair services warranty for up to an additional warranty year on eligible purchases made on your card.

Free Purchase Assurance5: protection against theft, loss or damage in the first 90 days on eligible purchases made on your card from the date of the purchase.

No Annual Fee.

Your Walmart Reward Dollars balance will transfer over to your new card.

You’ll continue to enjoy your current Credit Limit.

New premium card design

Existing Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® cardholders can qualify for the World card by spending $15,000 or more on their Walmart Rewards Mastercard in the previous 12 months.

New applicants for a Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® will be eligible for the World card if they have an annual household income of $100,000 or more. Standard credit and other approval criteria apply.

Your application will be reviewed based on the card approval criteria and if you are approved, you will receive either the Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® or Walmart RewardsTM World Mastercard® in the mail.

Yes, supplementary accounts will be converted to a World card as well.

Existing Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® cardholders are eligible to upgrade to a World card by spending $15,000 or more on their card in the previous twelve months (that is approximately $1,250 per month).

In addition to the benefits outlined above, the Walmart RewardsTM World Mastercard® also comes loaded with premium benefits from Mastercard such as:

  • Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard - access to over 1 million hotspots worldwide – all at no added cost, and no added fees or roaming charges
  • Exclusive offers to help you get even more from the Walmart RewardsTM World Mastercard®

Visit Mastercard’s website for a full list of all Mastercard-provided benefits:

The new Walmart RewardsTM World Mastercard® unveils a new vertical card design. Rest assured; your new plastic works the same as your old card. The 16-digit credit card number can be found on the back of the card in two lines. When shopping online, simply enter this number as usual, reading the number from left to right, top line first, bottom line second.

The expiry date and CVC number are both located under the card number.

Your Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard® covers you with:
Purchase Assurance Protection against theft, loss or damage in the first 90 days on eligible purchases made on your card from the date of the purchase.5
Extended Warranty Protection which doubles the manufacturer’s regular repair services warranty for up to an additional warranty year on eligible purchases made on your card.5

Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® has no annual fee and lets you easily spend your Walmart Reward DollarsTM like cash* on your choice of virtually anything Walmart sells online and in store. That’s over a million plus items!

Earn Walmart Reward DollarsTM on all your purchases

  • 1.25% at Walmart stores and online at
  • 1% At any gas station
  • 1% Everywhere else

No Annual Fee

You can earn Walmart Reward DollarsTM by using your Walmart Rewards Mastercard or your Walmart Rewards World Mastercard with every purchase you make on the card. To apply now click here

Walmart Reward DollarsTM can be redeemed at Walmart stores in Canada and online at You can redeem Walmart Reward Dollars in $5 increments for virtually anything Walmart sells.

When you are selecting your payment method on the “Check-Out” screen, you will see the option to “Redeem Walmart Reward DollarsTM in the left-hand column. Once you select this option, you will be able to choose how many rewards to redeem, in $5 increments. Once you have set the rewards amount, you’d like to redeem, click ‘Apply’. (If you don’t wish to redeem rewards, don’t click the Apply button and continue with your transaction as usual.) On the “Order Confirmation” page, you’ll see how many Walmart Reward DollarsTM were applied to your payment and the remaining payment amount that will be charged to your card.

It’s simple! Always know your Walmart Reward™ Dollars balance in 4 simple ways:

  1. Every time you use your card at Walmart stores, the credit card reader will show you how many Reward Dollars you have earned and available to redeem.
  2. Every time you use your card shopping online at, at checkout when you select the Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® – or better yet have it set as your default method of payment to ensure you are earning rewards with all your purchases.
  3. When you Sign-in to your Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® online account you will get up to date Reward Earned Balance.

Your Walmart Reward Dollar balance is also included in your monthly account statements

You can redeem your Walmart RewardTM Dollars for anything Walmart sells online or in-store. That includes Walmart Marketplace and Online Grocery purchases at

Note: Walmart RewardTM Dollars cannot be redeemed for cash, or the purchase of tobacco, lottery tickets, alcohol, and prescription medication

Yes! Walmart Rewards DollarsTM can be redeemed for anything sold on This means you can choose from thousands of products available as part of Walmart Canada Marketplace! Walmart Canada Marketplace allows third party sellers to offer products on alongside the products Walmart sources.

Yes! Walmart Reward Dollars can be redeemed for anything sold on including groceries! Imagine doing your grocery shopping AND getting items for FREE with Walmart Reward DollarsTM from the convenience of your home.

Yes! You are able to redeem Walmart Reward DollarsTM towards your first AutoSave delivery each time you set up an AutoSave subscription. Future AutoSave purchases are billed when they ship (e.g., each month) and your order will be charged to the credit card at that time. For this reason, Walmart Reward DollarsTM can’t be redeemed for the future AutoSave deliveries.

If you decide against redeeming Walmart Reward DollarsTM after placing an order on, please cancel the order within 30 minutes. The rewards will then be refunded to your account.

When you return your purchase, your rewards will be refunded to your Walmart RewardsTM Mastercard® account. If you return a portion of an order, partial rewards will be refunded. Almost anything you buy from Walmart on can be returned within 90 days. For Marketplace items, each Third-Party Seller on has its own return policy, which may differ from Walmart’s corporate return policy. To learn about the return policy for a Third-Party item you purchased or are interested in please refer to the Seller’s individual return policy on the product page.

Always know how many Walmart Reward DollarsTM you have earned and can redeem by tracking your balance in the following ways:

  • Every time you use your card at Walmart, the credit card reader will show you how many Walmart Reward Dollars you have available to redeem.
  • Access your account online at a any time to access your Walmart Reward Mastercard account (where you can view your balance, statements, transaction history and more).
  • You will receive either a paper or electronic statement with your account balance, activity, transaction history, credit limit, and Walmart Reward Dollars balance every month.

Get started today. Register your card online by clicking the ‘Sign-in’ button on the Walmart Reward Mastercard homepage. Or click here to take you directly there

In 3 easy steps, you’ll have access to your transactions, account and reward information online – anywhere, anytime

  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Set up a Username and password
  • Verify your account, and sign-in

(Be sure you have an email address attached to your Walmart Rewards Mastercard account – so that we are able to set up your online account and verify you.)

Call 1-888-779-2977 to activate your card and start earning Walmart Rewards Dollars everywhere you shop.

If you wish to receive your communications and statements electronically and not receive paper versions of them in the mail, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up or Sign-in to your Walmart Rewards Mastercard online account here.
  2. Select ‘Go Paperless’ tab from the main drop-down menu.
  3. Go to the Paper Statements section and click the button to “Turn Off” to turn Paper Statement OFF.

By enrolling in paperless (turning “off paper statements) you will receive an email reminder each month when your statement is available, and you will no longer receive these documents in the mail. You may change your communication choice at any time. Note: Depending on your enrolment date, you will continue to receive statements and letters for one or more statement cycles. To learn more about Electronic Delivery of Communication and Statements, click here

You can use your Walmart Rewards Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Before you agree (verbally or in writing, in paper or electronic form) to sign up for an optional product or service, the Bank must provide you with a summary (written or verbal) that contains the following information about the option al service or product:

  • a description of the product or service
  • the term of the agreement
  • how to cancel the product or service
  • all related fees and costs for the product or service, or information about how the fees will be calculated
  • an example to illustrate the method

If you consent verbally, the Bank must provide you, without delay, with written confirmation of your consent for the new product or service The Bank may also provide this confirmation electronically if you so choose.

For more information please visit Consenting for optional products.

Credit card fraud happens when someone steals your credit card, credit card information or personal identification number (PIN) and uses it without your permission to:

  • make a purchase at a place of business
  • make a purchase or transaction online
  • make a purchase or transaction by telephone
  • withdraw money from an automated teller machine (ATM)

A person can steal your credit card or credit card information by:

  • going through your garbage or mailbox to find credit card statements or other banking information
  • swiping your credit card through a device that copies the information stored on the magnetic stripe of your card
  • hacking into the computers of companies and stealing credit card information
  • installing small devices on payment terminals that record your credit card information
  • phishing, that is, sending you an email that looks like it comes from a real business asking for credit card information
  • asking you to use your credit card on an illegitimate website to make a "purchase"

Prevent credit card fraud by protecting your credit card and your personal information.

Chip cards
In Canada, all federally regulated financial institutions must decline any magnetic stripe transactions.

All newly issued Canadian credit cards have a computer chip that makes transactions more secure. The computer chip works with your PIN to make sure you give permission for each transaction This helps protect you against fraud if someone steals your card.

Credit cards with computer chips still have magnetic stripes This is so you may use them in countries that don't have chip-reading technology.

Keep your PIN a secret.
Choose a PIN that is difficult to guess. For example, avoid using your birthday, Social Insurance Number, address or telephone number as your PIN.

Make sure you do the following to keep your PIN secret:

  • never share your PIN with another person, not even a family member or partner
  • try to memorize your PIN rather than writing it down
  • if you write it down, make sure you keep it in a safe place away from your credit card
  • change your PIN often

For more information, please click Credit Fraud



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