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Back-to-School Essentials

Back-to-school time means another year of test cramming, team tryouts and club meets. But it also means another opportunity to make a statement with this year’s hottest accessories. Kick off the school year with the right supplies — you know, the ones that say, “I’m cool and smart!”

Five star - Classroom Supplies. Notebook, pen, books, pencil

Classroom Supplies
Notebooks — you need ’em, we’ve got ’em. It’s all about choosing the style that fits your personality.
From bold colors to edgy graphics, from traditional notebooks to Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinders®, there’s a style just for you.

Five star - Locker Organization. Young student with green shirt at school

Locker Organization
If you’ve got a locker, you know that after the first week of school, it gets as cluttered as your brain during finals week.
Magnetic pencil cups, dry erase boards and calendars, mirrors, and locker lights - finally, you can be organized and accessorized all year long!

Five star - A Positive Outlook. Young students at school

A Positive Outlook

The most important accessory is an optimistic attitude. The greatest thing about a new school year is that you have the opportunity for a fresh start. Didn’t like your grades last year? Change them this year. Didn’t make the team last year? Try again this year. There are so many exciting experiences to be had each year, like getting your favorite teacher, meeting your new lab partner, winning a trophy and maybe even kissing your crush. Let’s see how it all plays out…



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