Bedroom Dressers & Chest of Drawers


Increase Storage in Your Home with Drawers

Drawers are a mainstay of home organization. They come in different styles, colours and sizes and can hold everything from kitchen utensils to linens. While they are primarily designed for storage, dressers and drawer cabinets can complete the look of any room or make a statement in your decor.

Difference Between Dressers and Chests

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are several very distinct differences between a dresser and a chest of drawers. The biggest difference is the arrangement of the drawers.

Dressers, short for dressing table, have a larger footprint with drawers that are arranged horizontally, typically with two rows. They also may have a mirror or a hutch on top, which is ideal for applying makeup or fashion accessories. Sometimes dressing tables are also referred to as vanities.

Chests of drawers have stacked drawers and take advantage of the vertical space in a small area. They do not have an attached mirror, and you typically have a choice between three to six drawers.

Top Features

Material choice is one of the biggest features of a set of drawers. A solid wood cabinet provides a classic look and tends to be sturdier. Some dressers are made from pressboard or have pressboard bottoms to offer a less expensive storage option for lightweight items like socks or folders.

Aside from wood finishes, some chests are painted and come in an array of colours to match your existing décor. If you want something to coordinate with many different styles, a natural or white chest might be the answer.

Metal or wooden cabinet hardware, carved details and curved legs all give this type of furniture a unique look, so you can match them to other furniture in your room or home. 

For smaller rooms, a tall chest can hold large amounts of clothes, and the upper drawers provide a secure place to keep fragile belongings out of reach of children.

Wider cabinets tend to have a lower profile, which makes them ideal for placing under a window. The spacious top can also hold your television and other components, so it serves more than one purpose.

Uses for a Chest of Drawers

Aside from storing clothes, chests may be used in the bathroom to hold toiletries or provide a place to keep towels clean and free from dust. Place a set of drawers in your kitchen to store knives and cooking utensils out of the way of children, or use a cabinet in your art room to hold paint and hobby supplies. In the garage, chests offer a classy way to store tools and gardening materials, or you can use one in the playroom to hold video games, toys, board games and CDs.

Whether you need to create additional storage in a small space or want to complete the look of your guest or master bedroom, a chest of drawers can do both. Walmart Canada has a wide variety of designs to choose from, including matching furniture, accessories and decor to suit your needs.




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