Accent Your Decor and Add Seating to Your Space with an Ottoman

Ottomans make a great addition to any living space. While traditionally they're thought of as a place to put your legs up, they can be added to living rooms, foyers, bedrooms or even hallways to add extra seating. Storage ottomans go a step further by adding more than just seating — they offer a place to hide and store items such as blankets, cushions, shoes or toys

Add Function and Style to Your Living Room

If you're looking to add extra seating for guests, a footstool to up your relaxation game or just a little extra storage for blankets, books and magazines or other items that are cluttering your space, an ottoman can be just the addition you need. They come in a variety of styles that can offer both functionality and an element of design to your space, as well as an array of sizes that allow you to find one that's the right size for your needs and your living room. While storage benches tend to take up a larger amount of space, households that only require an extra seat for visitors or an occasional place to put their feet up usually find something smaller such as a pouf or a hassock is a better fit.

Additional Storage for Your Entryway

Most families find that their entryway is the most cluttered part of their home, especially during the winter when coats are bulkier and items like scarves, mittens and toques are taking up valuable space. A storage ottoman provides an excellent solution and creates a discreet storage option for items like shoes and winter accessories while offering family members and visitors a place to sit while they're putting on shoes. For added storage, add hooks to the wall above the ottoman for items like backpacks, hats and scarves. 

Add an Ottoman to Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Kid's Play Area

An ottoman in the bedroom or bathroom is a great way to add storage for linens, but it can also make an excellent addition to your kids' bedrooms or play areas. While it's a great way to store toys, it also gives your children a comfortable place to study or read books. One that's small to mid-sized can also stand in as a vanity bench and provide a sturdy, comfortable place to sit while putting on makeup or styling hair. 

Versatile and Moveable

If you're short on space but often find you require an extra seat around the dinner table or while entertaining guests in your living room, adding an ottoman in a neutral color may be the solution you need. Look for one that's mid-sized and made with easy-to-clean materials, and your ottoman can double as an extra seat around the table while you're hosting dinner parties. After eating, it's easily moved to the living room to add a seat while visiting with your guests.

The versatility of this piece of furniture means it can also be used in unconventional ways, such as standing in for a piano bench or even in the middle of your living room seating — add an elegant serving tray to the middle and your ottoman can double as a coffee table. 

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