Plant Stands: Indoor & Outdoor


Showcase your nursery indoors with a plant stand

Plants act as natural art pieces inside or outside of the home. Whether you have a single indoor plant or multiple, stage your indoor garden on a beautiful plant stand. Indoor plant stands are typically raised off the ground, keeping your plants safe and away from pets and small children making it easier to maintain, or move freely throughout your home. From classic wrought iron and metal designs, to modern minimalistic ceramic planters with stands, find an option that best suits your living room furniture concept.

Tips for choosing a plant stand and rack

If you’re an avid gardener or live in the city where having your own outdoor garden is a challenge, you most likely have a collection of indoor plants. Depending on the size of your space, you need to determine where you would like the plant stand to go, and what design complements your personality and furniture best. Plant stands come in many different sizes, designs, and shapes to accommodate single and multiple plants.

Multiple Plants

For multiple plants, we carry 3-tier to 6-tier and beyond plant stands in classic looking metal designs to more modern wood designs in a variety of different finishes.

Trying to put your plant collection in the corner where your home or outdoor patio gets the best light? We have stands that are made to fit anywhere including corner plant stands.

Single Plant

If you have a single plant that’s too big for your accent or side table, find plant stands and flowerpot holders with beautiful ceramic finishes sold individually or in sets of 2, 3, or more.

Plant Stands for Outdoors

Deciding to take your plants outdoors? Wrought iron and metal plant stands are durable which make them best suited for rain or shine weather.  

Whether you would like to place your plant stand next to your sofa, dining room, or desk, you can admire your plants from any room. Shop online on for everything you need to create your indoor or outdoor nursery including plant stands, hanging planters, flowers, soil, and more all at great prices. Visit our Garden Centre today.





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