Mattress & Box Spring Sets

Choosing a Mattress and Box Spring

A bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Not only does it provide an area for you to sleep every night, but it also delivers a comfortable place to put your feet up and read or watch TV. Your mattress and box spring set complements your other furniture, and depending on what set you choose, mattress sets can make your room look regal or give it a shabby chic appearance. Because most people spend a good deal of time in their bedrooms sleeping, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your mattress and box spring set selection.    

Types of Mattress and Box Spring Sets

Mattress and box spring sets come in many different styles, sizes and designs to fit your personal needs, bedroom furniture and home decor. If you prefer traditional-type mattress sets, an inner spring is a common choice. This type of bedding is designed with interlocked spring coils that support your body while you sleep.

Memory foam mattresses, also known as a mattress in a box, respond better to your body’s pressure points, help absorb the energy from movement and are ideal for all types of sleepers. If you tend to get hot while you sleep, gel-infused mattresses help keep you cooler.

If you like the combination of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comfort of memory foam, a hybrid design may make it easier for you to rest easy each night. Some mattresses have encased coils to help minimize motion transfer, and pillow-top mattresses have an additional layer for increased softness without the need for a mattress topper.

A box spring can come in both high and low profiles depending on how tall you want your bed. For a more modern look, many people forgo the box spring and use a platform bed frame and base.

Caring for Your Bedding

A typical mattress set will last you around 10 years. Some of the higher-quality designs can last a little longer. The type of mattress, how often you use it and how well you take care of it can all affect how long it lasts. Avoid eating and drinking while you are lounging on the bed to help prevent spills and crumbs from settling inside the covers. Mattress covers and protectors can also protect against damage. You should change your sheets at least once a week to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

Choosing the Best Mattress Set

If possible, it’s best to go into the store and test mattresses by laying down to see which one feels the most comfortable. When this isn’t possible, be sure to read the description to find out which ones meet your personal preferences. Heavier individuals have more pressure points along their backs, so it’s good to choose a firmer design. It's also good to pair your set with a quality pillow for best results. 

When selecting a mattress and box spring set, consider your budget. To save money, think about shopping during Black Friday sales or other specially advertised events.

If redoing your bedroom is one item on your home improvement list, a new mattress set is one of the best ways to give your room a lift. From a queen bed set and quilts and bedspreads for the master bedroom to a twin-sized bed for the kids, Walmart Canada has everything you need to furnish your bedrooms. 



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