Mattresses: King, Queen & Twin Sizes

Understanding Mattresses and the Characteristics to Consider

Close to a third of each human’s life is spent sleeping. But, when it comes to changing mattresses, few people take the time to consider how it affects their quality of sleep or level of discomfort. Finding the right mattress means knowing what to ask and how it can affect your body’s ability to relax or deal with pain. Find a wide selection of mattresses in all different sizes at Walmart Canada for a quality night's rest.

Innerspring Construction

Open coil and individually pocketed springs are the two types of coil spring mattresses, and each has its benefits. The open coil innerspring is an interconnected system of approximately 300 springs. It’s a common configuration that’s measured in gauges. When choosing an open coil innerspring, the lower the gauge, the firmer the coils. These mattresses have more give, while pocket springs offer more support. There can be as many as 5,000 individually pocketed springs, which provide better body contouring. Pocket springs are heavier than coils, but they have a useful life maximum of 10 years, which is twice as long as open coils. If you’re buying a child’s bed, then open coils may be a better choice. However, for adults, particularly those with back pain, check out the pocketed spring options.

Good Airflow

Airflow is important because dense mattresses trap air, heat and moisture. This is especially important with hot sleepers, who are more likely to experience this kind of discomfort and sleep disturbance. Of the different types of mattresses, pocketed innerspring construction improves air circulation. Also, studies have shown that hybrid mattresses, those built with a mixture of materials, such as a memory foam/latex combination, tend to be cooler. Materials such as poly foam or memory foam don’t absorb as much heat, so sleepers stay cooler. Many gel and memory foam mattresses are available in a box, such as Bloom mattresses by Sleep Country, making it convenient to deliver and set up your new bed. The mattress in a box comes in all sizes including, twin size mattresses and double mattresses. If you can’t change your mattress but need a cooler bed, you may want to check out a gel memory foam mattress topper on

Balancing Thickness and Firmness

Mattress thickness can range from approximately 15 to 50 centimetres. Choosing the right thickness mostly depends on sleep positions. For example, someone who sleeps on their side may only need a 20- or 25-centimetre thickness while a front sleeper may need 38 centimetres.

When adjusting for weight compression, the act of balancing thickness and firmness can be tricky. The assumption is that a heavier body needs a firmer mattress, but that’s not necessarily true. A mattress that’s too hard puts pressure on joints, especially for those who sleep on their side and may have back problems. A mattress that’s too soft provides little, if any, spine support. A medium-firm hybrid mattress, like those from Lucid, is a favourite because it provides pressure point relief. It’s between 20 and 25 centimetres thick and seems to support the body in a combination of sleep positions.

Customizing Mattresses

An air bed was once thought to be a great alternative to a folding guest bed because it saved more space. These days, an air mattress has become a popular choice as a permanent bed. While folding beds are made of layers of memory foam, air beds are completely adjustable at will, so they can be soft or as firm as needed. That level of versatility allows you to compensate for different body types, sizes or health needs. The queen size mattress works well for couples because it has two different chambers for varying firmness. For your little ones, our crib mattresses come in a variety of customizable options including organic cotton, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and memory foam mattresses.

Foundational Support

After you’ve figured out which type of mattress you need, you may decide also to change your mattress foundation, also known as a box spring, which absorbs shocks and helps your mattress withstand repeated use over time. Traditional coil box springs have larger coils that are padded to reduce noise. Beech or birch wood slat foundations are great for denser mattresses, such as latex, that need additional ventilation. If you’re more traditional, you may decide to get a thicker, higher-profile foundation, but for a more modern look, check out the variety of lower profile foundations available at






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