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Organize Reading Materials with a Sturdy Bookcase

Keep novels, reference tomes and non-fiction bestsellers arranged for easy access with bookcases from Walmart Canada. These bookshelves offer plenty of space for organizing reading materials and displaying collectibles. With design options ranging from classic to contemporary, you can easily find a bookcase that suits your space.

Classic Wood Bookcases

Put the focus on your books with a classic wooden bookcase designed to provide sturdy support for your collection of reading materials. Simple designs and adjustable shelves let you arrange your books for easy access, and minimalist profiles blend into a wide variety of decor themes. Three-shelf and five-shelf bookcases hold plenty of paperbacks and hardcover books, while short bookshelves provide plenty of surface area on top for showcasing digital photo frames or vases filled with fragrant blossoms from your garden. Units with closed cabinets at the bottom provide a place to hide away small household accessories.

Tall Bookshelves

Make the most of a small room with tall bookshelves that help you tidy away reading material without taking up too much floor space. Fixed shelves offer predictable spacing for a consistent look, while adjustable shelves let you change the height of specific sections to accommodate larger items. Bookcases with deep shelving units hold oversized volumes and provide room for decorative arrangements of multiple items in a single space. Plastic book bins slide onto a deep shelf for convenient organization.

Vintage Styles

Bookcases with vintage styling let you match your shelving unit to your existing decor. Industrial bookshelves with wood slats and metal piping deliver a rustic look, while classic cases with decorative moulding pair well with heirloom furniture. Look for models with a weathered finish for a casual country or coastal vibe, or choose a white painted bookcase to match traditional kids furniture. Mid-century modern designs offer another type of vintage appeal.

Modern Designs

Updating your library, study or living area is easy with modern bookcases that feature asymmetrical shelving and creative designs. Metal frames add contemporary flair to your study and pair well with metal desks or filing cabinets. Bookcases with open shelving offer full visibility from all sides, making them ideal for showcasing a collection of curios or potted plants.

Organizer Units

Compact organizer units help eliminate clutter by providing plenty of storage and display space. A cube bookshelf has square slots for arranging books and storage baskets in independent spaces. Choose from wood or wire cubes to get the look you want. Modular units work together to let you create a customized storage system. 

Small sectioned book racks that sit atop a desk keep reference books within easy reach while you work. Bookends offer another option for arranging reading materials at your desk.

Specialty Storage

Slim storage towers keep books, DVDs and CDs organized when you don't have much floor space, while a corner bookshelf helps use up otherwise vacant space in a tiny apartment or dorm room. For a clean, streamlined look in your home, consider a storage cabinet with solid doors that keeps the contents hidden from view. Cabinets with glass doors let you see the items inside while maintaining a sleek look.

If you have a large book collection, consider a library wall unit that lets you store all of your reading material in a large, multi-shelf unit that takes up an entire side of one room. Arrange a few comfortable arm chairs or recliners nearby to create a reading zone where you can relax and enjoy your favourite stories.





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