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Computer Desks for the Office or Home

At home or in the office, computer desks have become such common fixtures, it's easy to overlook them. As humble as they seem at first glance, they're still essential to getting productive work done. When the time comes to set up your first office desks, or when it's time to change out some old ones in the commercial space your company occupies, choosing a functional and sturdy model can help boost productivity. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of new computer desks to choose from, and it's not hard to find the ideal set-up for your office.

What to Look for In an Amazing Computer Desk

Computer desks come in a variety of sizes and styles. It can be a challenge to find the right one for your needs, and a lot depends on where and how you plan to use it. If you're actually using your computer desk for a computer, then of course it needs room on top for the monitor. Some desks also have well-ventilated compartments underneath for the computer's tower drive. Your desk can have a sliding drawer for a keyboard and mouse, with maybe enough room left over to get some written tasks done with a pen and some paperwork off to the side.

Some office desks are wide open underneath, which is simple and easy to assemble, as well as providing maximum leg room and storage space. Other desks have built-in drawers for office supplies and file folders. Several models have a space designed to accommodate a rolling file cabinet, which can be moved in or out as needed to efficiently manage space.

Setting Up a Home Office

When you have a clear idea of what you need in a computer desk, it's time to consider the space it's going into. Obviously, the space demands of a home office space are different from an open-plan commercial space, but the desks you're choosing for your work space have to fit neatly into the area with enough room to maneuver in the swivel chair. Corner desks are good for the edges of a room, since they make the most out of the space provided, while a simple rectangular unit is often best for the middle of the floor. Private offices have more flexibility for what goes into them, and a good double-sided desk often does well for both the employee and visitors. 

Making the Most of Commercial Office Space

Commercial offices tend to be larger than spare bedrooms at home, and they often impose special demands on the type of computer desks you choose. Single-station computer desks are designed for just one worker, and as a result, they're often on the small side. Bigger desks can accommodate two or more people, without monopolizing floor space in high-traffic zones where several dozen people may walk past in an hour. A sense of privacy can be had at shared computer desks by installing partitions or cubicle walls. These offer extra space to hang basket organizers and other items using sturdy partition clips or tacks.

Bringing It All Together with Accessories

Computer desks are places for workers to do their jobs, and the accessories used to help them have to be as up-to-date as the computer equipment itself. Of course, modern doesn't have to mean high-tech. Even a simple decorative mouse pad can really liven up a computer desk, and most designs have space for them to the side of where the monitor goes. If your desk has a set of drawers, or just some remaining space on top, you can fill them with some necessary office supplies that are just for your station.

There's no end to the ways you can set up your computer desks to be more productive. Add a landline phone, for example, to make and receive important calls. Most models allow users to attach headphones for easier high-volume calling. This adds to the tangle of cables computer desks invariably have down the back, though this can be controlled with some handy cable organizer clips. Walmart Canada has a wide variety of these, along with many other accessories for your computer desks.




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