Office and Desk Chairs

Desk and office chairs that fit your personality and budget

An office chair is a must for getting quality work done at your desk. While another type of chair might work in a pinch--like one from a dining room table--the fact is that something designed to keep you comfortable for long periods of time makes a huge difference. With the right combination of padding, support and adjustability, you'll get the help you need to be productive day in and day out.

Our goal at Walmart Canada is to provide you with choices you can be happy with--personally and financially. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable place to work. Find a desk chair for your home office or multiple ones for your small business!

Comfort and durability

When you start looking for an office chair, there are several factors you need to consider. You'll want to get something you'll be happy with for a while, so it makes sense to do a little planning. Consider how you will use the chair. Will it be something you sit in only occasionally, or will it be something you use for eight hours a day? The answer to these questions will help guide your purchase.

Enjoy chairs with a ton of padding that helps keep your legs and back from aching, whether you're sitting for long periods of time or not. Or maybe a stiffer seat with more height options is what you'd prefer. When it comes to durability, a desk chair of bonded leather will tend to be more durable than one made of cloth, keeping stains at bay. 

Different types 

The first thing you picture when you think about a chair at your desk is probably a large, swiveling, height adjustable seat that sits on five wheels on a chair mat. These are the most common ones, but there are others designed for an office setting that serve different purposes.

At Walmart Canada, we offer both stackable and folding chairs, along with luxurious accent chairs for guests or those that want to present a commanding image at their desk.

Even among the standard swiveling chair, there are different options that suit a variety of needs. Drafting chairs let you sit up high to work at raised tables. Armless designs give you more freedom of movement. Knee chairs provide an ergonomic structure without a back to encourage a strong core. Task chairs make it easy to sit down for a limited period, then tuck away easily due to their minimized size.

Buying and trying

Come into Walmart Canada and try out our chair display models. The more chairs you sit in, the more perspective you will have on what works for you. But what if you don't have time to go to the store, or you want an office chair that's only available online? Fortunately, our generous return policy means you can order a chair to try. If you don't like it, simply take it back within the return period!

Don't waste another minute worrying about what you'll sit in at work. Trust for all your office needs--not just for comfortable chairs, but for everything, from bookcases to supplies and more. 




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