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Find unique gifts to mark special events

Life is short and filled with one-of-a-kind moments worth capturing. With that in mind, we offer some great gift ideas for marking those non-traditional events, occasions and achievements people experience. Whether it’s acknowledging the end of an era or the beginning of something new, taking the time to commemorate those milestones and Canadian holidays with unique gifts makes them even more memorable. 

Hot deals during our biggest events

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Cool gifts to mark summer's return

With kids out of school, summer is a time for families to have fun together. A holiday like Canada Day provides opportunities to enjoy a long weekend outdoors.  Anyone who knows how to live it up in the sun knows that no backyard party would be the same without a good BBQ grill, the unofficial symbol of summertime fun. Add to that an easy-to-set-up inflatable above-ground pool, and that’s the kind of party that can have friends and family wishing the weekend would never end. For those who love a quieter get-together, like a lunch for two in a favourite spot, a simple picnic backpack is both a practical and neat way to make any occasion more special.

Unique gifts for relationships

The end of a relationship can be an awkward, stressful time. Some mark it as a somber occasion, while others throw divorce parties as a way to celebrate it as a positive life change. If you have a friend who’s going through something like this, a back massager is a thoughtful gift that can help them relax at home or work. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical that may conjure up a laugh, there are plenty of themed adult colouring books to choose from at that range from cute and calm to tongue-in-cheek.

Landing that first job

Getting hired for your first job is a cause for celebration. Going out to dinner with friends is a must but getting your day off on the right foot sets a good tone during those early days and weeks. Some unique gift ideas include a really good water bottle that’s vital to stay hydrated during those first days, which can include long meetings. A strong backpack that can secure your tablet and laptop or maybe a laptop case that can keep your equipment safe from water damage are also good ideas. Finally, when work gets so intense that you don’t have time to head out for a break, an insulated lunch bag can keep a sandwich and drink handy.

Headed back for another college semester

When you sent your kids off to college, you made sure they had the furniture and computer equipment they needed to make dorm life as comfortable as possible. Now, it's time to gift them other useful items. A personal blender is a unique gift that’s compact enough for small spaces. It’s portable and easily whips up shakes and smoothies they can grab before heading to class. A slow cooker is another great option for creating healthy one-pot meals if they’re too busy studying to head to the food court. 

Celebrating your child's "double digits"

There is something special about a child hitting that decade mark. They’re at that age where curiosity is mixed with the desire to explore and figure stuff out on their own, which can make it hard to find the right gift. Educational toys, such as building play sets, provide hours of hands-on fun that feeds their natural curiosity and builds practical life skills at the same time. There are plenty of technology toys and games to choose from at Walmart Canada as well as a wide selection of young adult fiction for those who love nothing more than to curl up with a good book.

Retirement gift ideas

Being able to retire and start that next phase in life is a huge milestone. There are plenty of thoughtful options that go beyond the traditional retirement gifts. For example, if they’ve been talking about more time for fishing or golfing, golf gloves or a nice fishing pole would convey great sentiment. Those planning to put a few stamps on their passports would appreciate a nice luggage set or even a travel book with information on that place they’ve been talking about.

These are just a few sweet touches they would never forget. Walmart Canada has a wide variety of unique gifts that can make marking special occasions more memorable. 




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