Anniversary Gifts

Whether you've been together for one month or fifty years, wedding anniversaries are special moments between you and your significant other! Grab your sweetheart a memorable and unique anniversary gift to celebrate the special moment and put a smile on their face.

Wedding anniversaries are special moments between you and your significant other! Find unique anniversary gifts to celebrate the special moment.

Anniversary Gifts Show That You Care

Whether it's the 1st or 31st, anniversaries are the perfect times to celebrate lasting true love. Even the least expensive presents are winners if you’ve put some thought into them. has anniversary gifts in all price levels that will charm couples and spouses alike.

Add Some Magic to the Day

Most couples think in terms of romantic gifts when they want to celebrate their wedding anniversary. From nighties to special soaps and candles, has what you need to set the mood for a night of romance. Spa gifts like neck and body massagers help with relaxation, and exotic fragrances provide a chance to escape to a tropical island, if only for the night.

Show That You Genuinely Get Them

Practical wedding anniversary gifts are winners if they match your spouse’s interests and passions. A wife who loves to experiment with new flavours and textures can be delighted with the latest kitchen appliance, and likewise, the husband who spends hours perfecting his BBQ sauce will love a new smoker. Couples who share a love for running or other sports can surprise each other with water bottles, exercise apparel and fitness equipment.

By the Year

Sometimes it’s fun to follow the traditional or modern anniversary gift themes to get the creative juices flowing. Match milestone anniversaries to your gifts to make them even more special.

One Year

  • Traditional – Paper: Funds may be tight that first year but there’s no limit to economical paper gifts such as scrapbooking supplies, books, journals and framed art.
  • Modern - Clocks: From miniature accent clocks to decorative wall clocks, each tick-tock reminds couples how precious their time together is.

Two Years

  • Traditional – Cotton: Plan for your next vacation by buying fun and quirky beach towels, or enhance your nightly slumber with luxuriously soft sheet sets.
  • Modern – China: Show off at your next couples party with fun dinnerware, serving items and accent decorations.

Five Years

  • Traditional – Wood: Picture frames, wall art and wooden furniture are there for the long haul just like your relationship.
  • Modern – Silverware: A sturdy set of flatware can be enjoyed for years to come, and it’ll trigger memories at every meal time.

10 Years

  • Traditional – Aluminum or tin: Think outside the box with garden decorations, electronic items, outdoor furniture, wall signs and collector tins.
  • Modern – Diamond jewellery: When looking at anniversary gifts for her, remember that most women can't resist the brilliance of diamonds, either on a bracelet, ring or pendant.

15 Years

  • Traditional – Crystal: Delicate crystal sculptures, decanters and statement earrings all add an extra sparkle to your day.
  • Modern – Watches: From smart watches to rugged athletic wear to luxury brands, Walmart Canada has anniversary gifts for him to match his personal style. 

25 Years

  • Traditional – Sterling silver: Personalize necklaces and bracelets with a precious photo and a special message.
  • Modern – Silver: Silver chains and picture frames, gas grills and tire rims all let you add a little bling to your relationship.

50 Years

  • Traditional and Modern – Gold: Whether you long for the real thing in 18 karats or just want to match the rich colour, has pieces by Tofino Jewellery  to showcase this glittering metal.

Be the Hit of the Party

If you’ve been invited to a 50th anniversary party or want to give something special to a charming couple, has a variety of unique anniversary gift ideas. Wine cellars and coolers come in all shapes and sizes, and once the couple adds their favourite reds, they become a nice mix of the practical and romantic. If you’re the crafty type, create a memory-filled scrapbook of the couple’s years of marriage and surprise them with it on the day of the party.

Handmade baskets are always fun anniversary gifts, and they can be customized to fit the couple’s interests. Give a movie night gift basket filled with the latest blockbusters or old favourites, popcorn bowls and snack food, or create a sports-themed basket based on the Toronto Blue Jays or the Montreal Canadiens. Regardless of which basket you make up, finish it with a framed picture of the happy couple.

Anniversaries remind us just how important and rare true love is. Celebrate them with a thoughtful gift from Walmart Canada, a sentimental or funny anniversary card and a little extra time with the one you adore.




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