Back to campus 2020


5 ways to be safe at school

The 2020 school season is still unknown. But, we've put together a list of safety tips that are important
to practice whether you're studying at school or at home!

Wash your hands

Wash your hands

Use warm, soapy water to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Don't forget to scrub your nails and thumbs!

Social distance

Social distance

Try to remain 6 feet apart from teachers and classmates, whether you're in the lecture hall, library, or hanging out with friends.

Don't share

Don't share

To avoid the spread of germs, don't share anything with your classmates. Kindly say "sorry" or "no thank you."

Keep your desk clutter free

Keep your dorm room clean

Regularly clean and disinfect your dorm room to kill viruses and bacteria.

Use your elbow

Use your elbow

Use your elbow — If you ever need to sneeze or cough, remember to aim for your elbow. This reduces the risk of contamination.


Dorm room essentials to transform your space

Whether you’re sending your child off to university for the first time or are heading out for your final year in school, you need the right dorm supplies to make your little area of the school feel like home. Stocking a dorm for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming. From the bedding to the cleaning supplies, you need quite a bit to transform that bare, bleak dorm space into an inviting area for socializing and study. In fact, with the right decor, bedding, study supplies and accessories, your dorm room just might become the hottest place on campus. Walmart Canada has you covered with a large selection of dorm room essentials that help you as you head back to campus.

Technology essentials for the smart student

Dorm room essentials are more than just decor, though the decor is critical to making a statement in your space. The main goal of your school experience is to learn, and in the modern world that requires the right technology. From research to paper writing to communicating with fellow students and professors, you need the right tech to complete your dorm room. Tablets and laptops keep you connected and make schoolwork a breeze. When it’s time to unwind after a busy day in class, a flat-screen TV can help you relax. With, you can get the right technology at an affordable price.

Smart meals cooked at home

Dining hall food is fine, but sometimes you just want the convenience of cooking in your dorm room. Whether you’re warming up a microwave dinner, boiling some noodles on a portable cooktop or really getting fancy for a creative meal with your roommates, the right appliances and cookware is an important part of the puzzle. Check out the common areas in your dorm room or student housing, then make sure you have the right cooking supplies to make the most out of them. When it comes to cooking in your dorm or college apartment, you’re only limited by the amount of space you have. As you head back to campus this year, stock your dorm room with dorm room essentials for cooking.

Dorm room essentials to make a statement

A dorm room is like a blank canvas, ready for you to make a statement about who you are. Before you begin, you need the right supplies. From the bedding on your bed to the decor on your walls, many of the dorm room room essentials that college students want are to help them decorate. As you stock up on the supplies to make your decorating ideas a reality, consider options that serve a double purpose. Decorate your dorm room walls in colourful shelving that also provides a place to store your stuff. Add cubed shelves or colourful drawer stacks that are trendy while also providing additional storage. Choose window treatments that both add to the feel of the room and block out light when you have a rare weekend to sleep in or a later class schedule. Then, add a bit of wall decor and artwork to make the area as personalized as possible. Check out what your dorm room provides for space, then head to the nearest Walmart Canada or shop online to find the right items to finish that space beautifully.

School supplies to make studying more convenient

Heading to class without paper and pencils makes about as much sense as going to the beach without a swimsuit. To round out your dorm room essentials, add some pencils, paper, pens and other school supplies to the mix. Choose your favourite brands and supplies to start the school year off right, then add a backpack to carry all of your supplies around campus in style. also stocks luggage to help you with those weekend road trips that are part of the university experience. Find everything you need at a price you love as you round out your dorm room supplies.

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