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5 ways to be safe at school

The 2020 school season is still unknown. But, we've put together a list of safety tips that are important
to practice whether you're studying at school or at home!

Wash your hands

Wash your hands

Use warm, soapy water to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Don't forget to scrub your nails and thumbs!

Social distance

Social distance

Try to remain 6 feet apart from teachers and classmates, whether you're in the classroom, outside for recess, or hanging out with friends.

Don't share

Don't share

To avoid the spread of germs, don't share anything with your classmates. Kindly say "sorry" or "no thank you."

Keep your desk clutter free

Keep your desk clutter free

Leave all your personal belongings at home and only bring the essentials to class.

Use your elbow

Use your elbow

Use your elbow — If you ever need to sneeze or cough, remember to aim for your elbow. This reduces the risk of contamination.

Fresh faces, new classes: it's time for Back to School at Walmart Canada

Back to school is the time of year that most kids dread and many parents love. Like it or not, after a long summer vacation, returning to school is inevitable, and it's important for kids to be prepared. Find everything you need at affordable prices for back to school 2021 at Walmart Canada.

Stationery supplies for Back to School

Consult your children's back to school supply list to find exactly what they need for writing and drawing. Find markers and colouring sets from familiar brands such as Crayola, and penspencils and erasers to make taking notes and getting work done easy. Most writing selections come with multiples, such as 10 or 12 per pack, for lasting your student through the next few months of the school year before it's time to restock. 

Don't forget to shop for notebooks, paper and binders too to keep kids organized when school starts. Choose notebooks with multiple subject dividers or smaller ones to keep separately for each class. Filler paper in wide ruled or college ruled is a great choice for keeping inside binders, and folders in bright colours and patterns or that are covered in familiar characters keep loose worksheets and paper corralled. 

Electronics for Back to School 2021

For high school and college students, it's important to be able to type papers and do online research when needed. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of laptops and tablets for completing assignments at home or at school. Add in a pair of headphones so they can concentrate on tasks and stay productive while listening to their favourite music.

Create a designated study space

Walmart Canada has everything you need to make a dedicated space in your child's room or your home office that's ideal for studying and homework completion. Select fun bean bags, stylish accent tables and functional lamps for a comfortable place to study, and add a small computer desk that holds a laptop or desktop for doing research and writing papers while sitting in a supportive office chair.

When papers are written and proofread, shop for printers and ink to print them out. For students who have a poster display project to complete, printers are convenient for colour photos and text.

Storage and organization

If you've got a kid who's headed off to college, you've come to the right place. Stock up on laundry baskets, bins, drawers and carts and other affordable dorm room storage solutions from Walmart Canada. Plastic storage boxes are great for holding seasonal clothes and they stack easily, while drawers and rolling carts provide quick access to daily essentials, such as school supplies or health and beauty items.

Backpacks and lunch bags

Kids need something to comfortably carry all their textbooks, notebooks, folders and other gear, and Walmart Canada has a wide selection of backpacks to choose from. For high school or college kids, look for those with large capacities to prevent frequent trips back to the dorm room or locker.  Some may have dedicated slots for tablets or laptops to safely sit without being damaged. Younger children may enjoy choosing one in their favourite colour or pattern or those emblazoned with familiar TV or movie characters. Check out those from PAW PatrolDisney's Frozen or Cars to delight your youngster as they head back to school.

Don't forget to add a matching lunch bag to keep kids well-fed during the day. Choose from soft-bodied or hard exteriors for durability, and select matching food containers, which are great for transporting a hot lunch from home and keeping it warm until lunch time. Likewise, vacuum-insulated water bottles covered with favourite characters help kids stay hydrated all day, and there are several choices for older kids too to stow in a side mesh pocket on their backpack.

Whether you're viewing back to school 2021 with apprehension or excitement, Walmart Canada has everything you need to start the school year off smoothly no matter how old you or your kids are.

Graduated from school and headed to university or college? We’ve gotdorm roomessentials available at Walmart Canada as well!





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