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A new school year means new school supplies. With Walmart Canada, you can find great school supplies that will equip you for a fun and successful 2020 school year in class, online, or at home!

Find great school supplies that will equip you for a successful 2020 school year in class, online, or at home!

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School supplies equip students for learning and creativity 

Send kids off any time of year well-equipped to learn with school supplies from Walmart Canada's wide selection. Whether you're packing a bag for a first-time elementary school student and need a range of colourful supplies to support arts, crafts and early reading or you're putting the basics such as notebooks and pens together for a high schooler, our back to school supplies categories have everything they need for a great year. 

Back to school supplies for creative learning 

If your student is in early elementary school, chances are the supplies list for each school year has plenty of specific requests — sometimes down to the exact number or brand of crayons you should be looking for. But whether you're looking for a pack of eight jumbo colours or thin markers for filling in fine details, you can find what you need in our writing and colouring category.  

Stock up on plenty of colouring, sketching and drawing supplies before school starts so your student is never left unprepared for a project or homework. For tweens and teens, pens, highlighters, pencils and erasers are also must-haves. 

Don't forget the school supplies that hold everything together while you're in the crafting mindset. Glue, gluesticks and tape make many supply lists, and binder clips and staplers are handy to have around as kids graduate from colouring pages to writing papers. 

School supplies to enhance note taking 

Pens in numerous colours and highlighters let students turn note taking from a chore to an art form. And you can equip them for even better study habits with help from other back to school supplies that make jotting notes or doing homework easy and fun. Start with notebooks and notepads that speak to your student's sense of personal style. Whenever a specific colour or type isn't required by teachers, let kids choose notebooks with patterns or characters they like — they'll be more apt to use supplies they love.  

Give them room to spread out with notes as they study by hanging dry erase boards in bedrooms or family work areas. Students can write the important facts for the day, play with diagrams or plan out a project before they get to work. 

School supplies to keep students organized 

Staying organized, including keeping up with paperwork, planning ahead for assignments and turning all work in on time, is critical to success as a student. The right school supplies can help students maintain organization and stay ahead of homework and other class requirements. Start with binders to keep loose papers and worksheets in the same location; your student might want a single binder with divider tabs for all classes or a small 0.5-inch binder for each subject. Files and file folders are another way to keep individual paperwork organized, and folders slip easily into backpacks between notebooks and books for ease of transport. 

But it's not enough to keep papers clean and in order. Students need to know when to work on various projects and what dates tests are on so they can prioritize cram sessions. Planners are an ideal way to keep all the information in a single location and ensure important assignments aren't lost in the shuffle. For older students, planners provide a level of independence as they learn to manage their own obligations. For younger students, planners can be a shared responsibility with parents, who are guiding them to stay organized and on point throughout the year.  

Whether your student needs to write, colour or connect something today or plan for the future, Walmart Canada has the school supplies you need. 





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