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Browse thousands of items before the big day

Browse thousands of items before the big day

Add items to your cart ahead of the event

Add items to your cart ahead of the event

When the deals start, checkout and beat the rush!

When the deals start, checkout and beat the rush!

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9 Black Friday tips and tricks you need to know for 2020

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Creating your shopping list

Prioritize what items you need to buy and list them in order of importance. As you buy for others, don't forget to get yourself something as well!

Budget accordingly for Black Friday

Make a list of people you need to find gifts for, the things you need for yourself and your household. This will allow you to budget accordingly for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season.

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Visit theHUB by Walmart Canada for more Black Friday tips—plus, editor-approved product picks to round out your shopping list.

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Think long-term

Think long-term. In the run up to Christmas, find deals for the festive season, so you can be a step ahead of the game and avoid last-minute shopping.

Know the return policies

Don't forget to inquire about the return policy on some items if you're a frequent 'returner'.

Find great deals for Black Friday 2020 on

Find amazing deals on tech, small appliances and gifts for loved ones. It begins on the following Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States and has been adopted in Canada. Black Friday makes shopping a breeze when you go through your list of presents for family and friends and tick them off with money left in your pocket. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on Black Friday 2020 when you shop in-store and online at Walmart Canada.

Black Friday deals on electronics

You’ve had your eye on a new TV for some time now and you’ve waited until Black Friday to make your purchase. Now is the time! Look for the best 4K TVs, Smart TVs and LED TVs all within your budget, whether you decide to shop online or in-store.

Check out great deals on other electronics like laptops and tablets. If you’re a video game fanatic and looking to upgrade your console, there are deals on Xbox Series X and Series S games, PS4 Black Friday deals, Nintendo and more. For tech heads that are really into I.T and computers, wait for Cyber Monday for other great deals to arrive.

Small appliances at great prices

Get your checklist ready, you’ll want to do online shopping for small appliances  to fill your home and kitchen before the holidays. Are you looking for the perfect slow cooker, air fryer or blender? All these amazing deals can be found on with just a click of a button. Since instant pots have been a huge hit the last couple of years, think of purchasing one for a friend or neighbour  as a Christmas present. They will  be more than happy to receive one and you’ll be invited over for chili on all those cold snowy days ahead.

If you’re having your loved ones over for Christmas this year, and already thinking of all the prep, look for vacuums on sale along with other household necessities. It’s a good time to take stock of what you don’t have, and what needs replacing so you can benefit from all the Black Friday sales!

Beat the Christmas rush this year

Get your Christmas shopping done ahead of time and save money with amazing sales. Talk about a double whammy! With so many gift options to pick from, you really can’t go wrong. Choose a gift for mom, dad and the whole family to let them know how much they mean to you. If you’re invited to any great parties for the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget to pick up a host/hostess gift for the thoughtful entertainer in your life. Christmas gifts are made easy when to take advantage of all the great prices.

When is Black Friday and what is it?

This year’s Black Friday will be held on November 27th, 2020. First celebrated in the United States and later adopted in Canada, Black Friday signifies the profits that are made on Friday after American Thanksgiving. If a company’s numbers are “in the black”, it means that they’ve made profits instead of “being in the red” which means loss of profit. Walmart Canada offers huge markdowns on a variety of different products that you’ve had your eye on. It’s a great way to save on your Christmas shopping for products you’ve had your eye on.

Will Black Friday deals be in-store and online?

There will be great promotions to check out both in-store and online at Walmart Canada. Though some may enjoy going to the store on Black Friday and browsing for the items they want in-person, while others prefer the convenience of shopping at home on their computers and tablets. You’ll be sure to find great deals whether you pick them up yourself at the store or have them delivered to your home.

Find the best Black Friday 2020 deals at Walmart Canada

The best way to make the most of Black Friday 2020 at Walmart Canada is to subscribe to sign up for emails and to create your shopping list first and foremost. You’ll get a sneak peak of what’s on sale and know exactly what you have to check off your list and what fits into your budget. Check out amazing deals on tech! Now’s the best time to buy the laptop or tablet you’ve been saving up for. If you’ve been looking to enhance your living room, check out deals on audio and home theater devices as well. If you’re looking for some headphones for all the Zoom meetings you’ve been taking, now is a great time to check them out too. If TV’s are on your list, check it off your list and save some money while you’re at it.

Find all the ways to save money on items you’re looking for on for Black Friday Canada.




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