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*Based on a Nielsen Canada survey commissioned by Walmart, surveying 2,386 overall holiday shoppers from August 20 -29, 2020.

Tis the season! Find everything you need for the holidays with Christmas shopping essentials like Christmas decorations, trees, party supplies and much more! Make Christmas 2020 the best one yet.

Tis the season! Find everything you need for the holidays with Christmas shopping essentials like Christmas decorations, trees, party supplies and much more! Make Christmas 2020 the best one yet.

Shine bright this Christmas with gifts, decor and other items

Start stocking up for Christmas 2020 now so you have time to enjoy family and friends when the holiday season arrives. It's never too early to pick up the perfect gift for a special someone, and if you slowly accumulate decor items, you'll be more than ready to deck the halls when Christmas is close enough. Your annual office Christmas party is always sure to be a good time. Maybe this year it has an ugly Christmas sweater theme! Whether you want to present a stunning Christmas tree this season, arrange holiday decorations, prepare for entertaining or send holiday cards to warm the hearts of others, Walmart Canada has a wide selection of products to help you make it happen.

Make it a Merry Christmas with thoughtful gifts

For many, a big item on the Christmas holidays to-do list involves buying presents for all the right people. Shopping year-round lets you get to Christmas Eve with less holiday hustle and much more enjoyment.

Check out Walmart Canada's gift collection lists, including ideas for gifts on a budget or gifts for mom or dad. Walmart offers a wide range of products, so you can find gifts for the entire family, from the tiny tot who is facing his or her first holiday season to the great aunt or uncle who always appreciates a warm pair of socks or something sweet to munch on.

Remember that in most cases, price isn't the best way to determine which gift is right for who. When shopping for gifts, keep some factors in mind so you can find a personalized item for the recipient.

  • Choose a product that matches the person's age. Small children may not be able to handle complex puzzles, and teens typically prefer gifts that speak to their rise into adulthood rather than give the impression you still think of them as a child.
  • Pick something the person can and will most likely use. If Aunt Suzie never cooks, she's unlikely to enjoy a food prep gadget, but she might love something that makes it easier to store food and reheat takeout
  • Try to consider a person's unique interests to turn a small or everyday gift into something more special. If you're stuffing the stockings with socks for each person, for example, choose themed garments. Book lovers might delight in Harry Potter socks while someone with an absurd sense of humour may appreciate odd or silly patterns.

Beautify the boughs and cheer up exterior spaces with seasonal decor

Nothing creates anticipation for December 24 and Christmas Day like twinkling lights and favourite ornaments going up around the home. It's traditional for many to trim the tree in tinsel, sparkling glass balls or the fruits of children's school craft labours. has a wide range of Christmas crafts for kids, like decorating stockings or wreaths. And while the scent of fresh pine certainly brings to mind the best the season has to offer for many people, a faux tree is easy to maintain, and you can use it again next year. Opt for seasonal-scented candles if you want the olfactory awesomeness of the season without the live tree.

When decorating for Christmas 2020, don't forget to carry themes and cheer into other areas of the home. Set up tiny holiday villages or Christmas cards on the mantel or hang stockings above the fireplace. Add gorgeous Christmas centerpieces to the dining table and consider covering the beds with quilted patterns that reflect the season.

Another area you might deck in impressive or fun holiday visuals is your yard. Modern outdoor holiday decor goes well beyond lights. Families may find inflatable elves, snowmen and Santa Clauses make just the right impression on their lawns.

Celebrate Christmas with good food, drink and company

What good is a statutory holiday if you don't treat yourself just a little during the time off? Whether you're hosting the entire family or planning to enjoy a quiet December 25, make sure you have what you need on hand to create delicious dinners and sweet cookies and cakes. At the very least, you need a special plate and cookies to leave out for Santa, and if multiple people are stopping by, prepare with puzzles and games to keep kids busy and glass and barware so you can offer adults a refreshing beverage.




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