Christmas Cards & Wrapping Paper

Great prices on Christmas Cards & Wrapping Paper for the holidays

Gifts are great, but the presentation matters as well! Christmas cards convey the joy of the holiday season and let your loved ones know how much you care. Christmas messages can be simple or can surface holiday memories of the past and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Show up with cards at the annual ugly Christmas sweater party! has a wide assortment of online Christmas cards – we even have Peanuts cards to celebrate the season! 

And don’t forget the wrapping paper! Give your gifts some extra shine with Christmas wrapping paper and gift wrap. From matte finishes to foil, the right wrapping can take your presents to the next level. If you’re concerned about being environmentally conscious with your gift giving and find yourself asking the question “is wrapping paper recyclable?”, you’ll be happy to know that most non-metallic wrapping paper can be recycled. 

We’ll let you decide what to write in a Christmas card but when it comes to the cards themselves or fun holiday gift wrap, Walmart Canada has what you need at cheerful prices. 




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