Christmas Wreaths

Find the perfect Christmas wreath for your home along with garlands that will transform your home with the holiday spirit this holiday season!

Find the perfect Christmas wreath for your home along with garlands that will transform your home with the holiday spirit this holiday season!


Decorate Your Front Door with Christmas Wreaths

Create a festive welcome for guests and showcase your holiday spirit with Christmas wreaths from Walmart Canada. Whether you're crafting your own holiday decoration from a simple wreath base or looking for a ready-to-hang piece to get everyone into a celebratory mood, this collection has seasonal greenery to liven up your front door.

Decorated Christmas Wreaths

When it comes to creating a festive vibe in seconds, a decorated wreath lets you celebrate the season in traditional style. Pre-lit models brighten up your front yard and coordinate well with outdoor Christmas decorations. Battery-powered LED lights on your wreath offer reliable illumination without requiring a nearby outlet. Look for a flocked wreath to match your flocked Christmas tree, or pick one with a rustic theme to fit into a country holiday theme. Pre-decorated Christmas wreaths come ready to hang for easy installation on your front door, and you can incorporate other seasonal greenery into your porch decor with garlands that twine around railings or frame windows and doors.

Specialty Wreath Options

A wreath in a bright hue, such as purple or pink, provides a fun new twist on your seasonal traditions. Square wreaths are another option when you're trying to make a modern statement with your holiday decorating.

If you're decorating a storefront or office, a 60-inch commercial wreath makes a dramatic statement that visitors can see from across the street or down the block. Christmas swag in an arch or teardrop shape offers another door decorating option that can be used alone or in conjunction with a decorated wreath.

Wreath Bases

Create your own Christmas wreaths with bare bases that you can decorate at home. Wire wreath forms, foam circles and grapevine wreaths let you express your creativity in a variety of ways. Add twists of greenery, faux berries, small pine cones and floral elements to design a custom piece of holiday decor. Red ribbons, shimmering glitter and holly leaves enhance the effect even further, while metallic ornaments reflect the glow of your Christmas lights.

You can also get a simple wreath made of artificial pine branches that works on its own as a subtle seasonal decoration or used to make a more elaborate holiday showpiece. With wreath bases, you can create Christmas greenery that is as simple or elaborate as you want.

Hangers and Accessories

The wreath at your entryway is often the first thing guests see when you've invited people over for Christmas entertaining, so you need to ensure that it is hung at the right position for optimal visibility. Make installing your Christmas wreath easier with hangers that hook over your door and can handle the weight of a larger 30-inch wreath. Hangers with suction cups make it easy to attach a smaller 10- or 13-inch wreath to a window or other smooth surface.

Store your wreath for future seasons and protect it from dust and moisture in a zippered wreath bag. Storage boxes in seasonal colours offer another long-term option for keeping your wreath and other holiday decorations secure during the rest of the year.

Advent Wreaths

Count down the weeks leading up to Christmas with an advent wreath designed to sit on your table. Candle holders at four points along the wreath let you place a lit candle for each week of the advent season. Use your advent wreath along with an advent calendar to help your family honour seasonal religious traditions.





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