Christmas tree stands

Add to the magic and allure that is the Christmas tree with its own Christmas tree stand.

Add to the magic and allure that is the Christmas tree with its own Christmas tree stand.

Rely on Christmas tree stands for easy display

Use Christmas tree stands to keep your quintessential holiday centrepiece stable and beautiful. Whether you have a live tree for traditional Christmas appeal or a brightly hued modern option, these stands provide the support you need to hold your tree firmly in place throughout the holiday season. A variety of sizes and designs in this selection from ensures a perfect fit for your particular Christmas tree, giving you options for showcasing large trees on the floor and mini trees on tables, along with stunning tree skirts and stands.

Live Christmas tree stands

Display and maintain your live Christmas tree throughout the holidays with Christmas tree stands made specifically for cut pines and firs. Adjustable designs let you tailor the hold to your live tree's sizing, and options with containers for water at the base help you keep your tree looking great from the start of the Christmas holidays right into New Year. To give your decorations a traditional feel that matches well with live evergreen trees, cover the tree stand you select with a classically decorated or rustically designed Christmas tree skirt filled with all your favourite holiday gift ideas.

Artificial Christmas tree stands

Give your artificial tree a sturdy base with Christmas tree stands designed specifically for use with faux options. Select green stands to blend with your classic pine, fir or cedar tree, or choose black ones for a universal match with most indoor Christmas decorations. White tree stands pair beautifully with modern iridescent or retro silver tinsel trees, and beautiful golden Christmas tree stands with charming seasonal designs add to your seasonal decor and eliminate the need for a tree skirt. Replacement parts for tree stands make it simple to get your favourite faux Christmas tree back into service for this year's seasonal celebrations.

Revolving Christmas tree stands

Bring a festive vibe to your Christmas parties and gatherings with revolving Christmas tree stands along with party ideas. These whimsical stands boast plug-in designs with practical extension outlets right in their bases, making it simple to power Christmas lights without tangling as your tree rotates. This added functionality lets friends and family view your Christmas tree from all sides, giving you opportunities to showcase all your favourite ornaments. Some of these tree stands play classic holiday music as they gently twirl your tree, creating a warm, welcoming ambience that celebrates the best things about the Christmas season.

Compact Christmas tree stands

Extend your holiday decorations to end tables and nightstands with compact Christmas tree stands that fit easily with smaller trees. Great for areas without lots of spare space, these sturdy options come in a variety of formats to make the most of your available decorating area. Many of them have lightweight plastic construction so they don't add extra bulk to smaller surfaces less capable of holding large amounts of weight. For easy storage until next year and beyond, select a folding Christmas tree stand that tucks away with your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations until it's time to adorn your home again.

Huge Christmas tree stands

Get the perfect Christmas tree stand for your chosen tree with this versatile selection from Discover reinforced stands with four sturdy feet built from tough metals like steel for easy support of support massive live trees and extra-large artificial options alike, and find options with round, flat bases that help prevent tipping when you have a top-heavy tree. No matter the sizing of the Christmas tree you choose, this collection of tree stands ensures you find the ideal base.






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