Christmas inflatables

Add some fun to your outdoor decorations with Christmas inflatables that everyone will love.

Add some fun to your outdoor decorations with Christmas inflatables that everyone will love.


Create an Impressive Holiday Yard Display with Christmas Inflatables

Fill your yard with festive cheer using Christmas inflatables from Walmart Canada. These oversized figures fill with air to create a lightweight display that commands attention, and the decorations deflate quickly for convenient storage after the holiday season ends. Included stakes and air compressors keep your decoration securely in place and fully inflated. Whether you love to decorate early every year or wait until the last minute to put up holiday decor, inflatables make the decorating process simple.

Traditional Figures

Celebrate Christmas with classic holiday images by installing inflatables that resemble traditional figures and symbols. An inflatable snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree or Reindeer adds festive charm to your yard, and these figures inflate quickly to make setup simple. If your family focuses more on the religious aspects of the holiday season, include an inflatable nativity set to celebrate the story of the Holy Family.

The large size of many Christmas inflatables makes them ideal for use as a backdrop to other outdoor Christmas decorations. Models measuring around 4 feet fit into most yards, while inflatables measuring 8 feet or more make a big impression when placed on a large lawn or in an expansive landscaped garden. Bright, cheery colours set a fun celebratory tone in your yard, and the lightweight designs make it simple to move the entire piece if you need to make adjustments to your overall display. Combine inflatables with Christmas lights, light-up figures and seasonal lawn stakes to create a winter wonderland that the whole neighbourhood can appreciate.

Licensed Characters

Christmas inflatables Canada families love include licensed blow-up decorations that let you bring a touch of pop culture into your yard. Some of these figures sport a fun holiday twist, so you might find a popular sci-fi villain wearing a red Santa hat or a cartoon character holding a wrapped present. The soft, flexible material of these inflatable characters holds up well to outdoor weather conditions and lets you confidently manoeuvre around your yard without worrying about any sharp edges or hard surfaces getting in the way.

Arrange multiple figures from popular movies into a cohesive scene, or add a single character to your existing holiday decorations to delight fans who pass by your home. Collect other decor featuring your favourite characters and use those throughout your home and yard to create a coordinated theme across all of your outdoor and indoor holiday decorations.

Creative Inflatable Options

Customize your yard display with a Christmas inflatable designed to resemble a puppy, penguin or unicorn. Inflatables depicting Santa riding a tractor, train or motorcycle showcase your personal interests in a fun way. Lighting built into your inflatables creates a cheery glow and makes these large decorations stand out visually at night.

Use an inflatable arch to make an eye-catching entryway for guests to pass underneath as they make their way to your front door. The blow-up arch also creates a visual frame for Christmas wreaths or other door-mounted decorations, inviting visitors to step forward for a closer look.

Storing Christmas Inflatables

One big benefit of using Christmas inflatables is their ability to fold down into a compact package for space-saving storage and transport. The folded inflatables fit easily into a storage bin or bag. Because the pieces are made of light, flexible fabric, you can use them year after year, saving money and setup time.






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