Easter Chocolates & Candy


Easter Chocolates to Fill Your Baskets

Celebrated by thousands of families across Canada each year, Easter is a spring holiday that brings with it new life and pleasant weather after a long, cold winter. Walmart Canada has Easter chocolates, toys, decorations and Easter candy to help make your holiday with family special and memorable.

Assembling Easter Baskets with Easter Chocolates and Favourite Things

Find chocolate bunnies, candied eggs and other Easter treats to fill Easter baskets for your kids or loved ones. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of chocolate treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and delight children of all ages.

For younger children, choose fun toys like bubbles, snuggly plush animals, arts and crafts supplies and favourite stories to fill their baskets. 

Older teens and young adults may enjoy a wide assortment of Easter candy along with a new DVD or Blu-ray, magazine and health and beauty items for daily self-care.

Candy and Treats to Fuel Egg Hunts

Shop for colourful plastic eggs to fill with small candy, wrapped chocolate eggs or even pennies and nickels for curious children to find during Easter egg hunts. To help minimize candy consumption, plastic eggs can be filled with a variety of small, kid-friendly items. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Mini bath toys
  • Small plush toys
  • Miniature plastic or rubber dinosaurs or other animals
  • Mini Silly Putty containers
  • Mini Play-Doh tubs

Finally, make sure egg hunters are properly equipped with colourful baskets so they can collect their found treasures.

Hostess Gifts

If you've been invited to a relative's house for Easter dinner or brunch, consider bringing along a box of gourmet Easter chocolates to give your hostess along with a favourite homemade dish to share. 

If you're playing host this year, put out fancy Easter chocolates during dessert for guests to enjoy. Typically filled with decadent ingredients like coconut, raspberry cream or caramel, your relatives and friends are sure to enjoy indulging in these Easter chocolates.

Chocolate Bunnies

The star of the show when it comes to Easter chocolates is the chocolate bunny. Many are presented in colourful display boxes and may even have sugary eyes or bow ties for kids to enjoy.

Most chocolate bunnies are made of milk or dark chocolate and are typically hollow for gradual munching. If someone you know is a white chocolate fan, Walmart Canada has several options both online and in the store.

Easter Chocolates for the Easter Bunny

Kids who are patiently waiting for the Easter bunny's arrival may want to leave him some chocolate treats to go with his carrots and other vegetables. You can find wrapped chocolate-covered treats at Walmart Canada along with fun plates to arrange bunny-friendly food.

Easter-Themed Accessories

While you're shopping for Easter chocolates, don't forget about adding seasonal items, like spring-themed glass containers for leftovers from Pyrex, bunny plushes and even silicone chocolate moulds for making your own Easter chocolates at home.

Find an easy recipe for carefully melting chocolate and pour into pastel-coloured moulds to harden. When they're ready, the soft, flexible silicone material ensures they release easily. Give your homemade Easter chocolates to family, friends and relatives when they come to visit during your Easter celebration.

No matter what you're looking for, whether it's Easter basket supplies, tasty Easter candy or plastic eggs for competitive egg hunts, you can find everything you need when you shop at Walmart Canada.





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