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Choose a Walmart Canada digital gift card online or gift card in-store for your friends and family.

Choose a Walmart Canada digital gift card online or gift card in-store for your friends and family.

1. Customize it

Choose a gift card design for that special someone as well as the quantity and dollar amount.

2. Choose how to send it

Select how you want to deliver the gift card to your recipient. Email, print and text options are available.

3. Buy it

Check out in just a few minutes using a secure transaction experience. Then, continue your shopping on!

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Make Gift-Giving Simple with a Gift Card

Get friends, family members or colleagues a present that anyone can appreciate with gift cards in a variety of styles and denominations. Last-minute shoppers can purchase a card online in minutes, eliminating the need for a trip to the store. From Vanilla prepaid cards that can be used almost anywhere to Walmart Canada gift cards that let the recipient choose from a wide selection of products, these convenient cards are simple to buy and easy to send.

Walmart Canada Gift Cards

Store gift cards come in physical and digital versions, so you can choose how you want to present the card to your loved one. Simply add a balance onto the card and let the recipient browse online or go into the store to buy any item from any department. Available card amounts include $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250 denominations. Your Walmart gift card balance never expires, so you can use part of it now and save the rest for later. Returns put the money right back onto your card, so if you change your mind about a particular purchase, you can use the card to buy something else later.

You can also use a gift card as an add-on to other gifts so recipients can choose accessories that complement a larger present. A gift card presented with a video game console lets the recipient pick out a few favourite games to play, while adding a preloaded card to a clothing gift makes it easy for the receiver to get a few matching accessories.

Digital Cards for Long-Distance Giving

Shipping gifts can be a hassle, but digital gift cards let you send a present without having to deal with a trip to the post office or online shipping fees. Email or text the card details to your recipient, or print out a copy and slip it into the envelope of a greeting card that you can then mail or hand deliver.

Digital cards come in a variety of styles, so you can customize the look and the amount to suit your needs. Add a fun party-themed image to wish a loved one a happy birthday, or pick an infant-themed card to celebrate the birth of a new baby and let the parents choose their own baby gear. Cards with themes for graduation, holidays and weddings make it simple to find just the right picture to attach to your card. 

Gift Cards for Business Use

Gift cards from Walmart Canada make great employee gifts or rewards, and you can buy cards in bulk to keep them on hand in the office. Present a card to an important client as a special thank you for a completed contract, or give them out as a holiday bonus to show appreciation for hard work during the busy season.

A gift card can also be a part of your employee incentive program. Offer a card to any employee who meets particular milestones or give them out to teams that meet specific goals to encourage productivity. 

Prepaid Cards for Extra Versatility

Vanilla prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards let you give the gift of unlimited variety. These work like prepaid credit cards with a set amount of money already loaded. You can use Vanilla cards at any online site or physical retailer that accepts Mastercard or Visa, and the loaded amount doesn't expire or lose value. If you're buying something worth more than the card amount, you can use cash or another card to make up the difference.




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