Gifts for the cook


Gifts for the cook makes everyone happy

If you have a good friend or a relative who loves to cook, you know that they are always looking for the latest kitchen gadget, or perhaps they have a growing wish list of items for their kitchen. Scroll through Walmart Canada to find gifts for the cooks in your life and show them how much you appreciate their skills and tasty edibles. From start to finish, you'll find cooking gifts for each stage of the meal process.

Gifts that ease food prep

A great meal starts with good preparation and a well-stocked pantry. Walmart Canada's selection of countertop organizers and canister sets helps keep your favourite cook's ingredients fresh and easy to find. From spice racks to bread racks to banana holders, each product is attractive as well as useful.

Ensure accurate measurements with American Weigh Scales, which not only weigh ingredients but convert to different units at the touch of a button. Walmart Canada also has a large selection of measuring cups and prep cups in strictly practical styles along with more decorative options.

When considering gifts for the cook, don't forget the importance of a sharp knife. The choices are bountiful and range from steak knives and multi-piece sets to item-specific designs and high-quality blades by Shun. Cutting boards and sharpeners help make sure the utensil you choose gets the best care possible.

Practical equipment for cooking

Quality cookware often makes a huge difference in a recipe's outcome, and Walmart Canada carries many of the popular brands, such as T-fal and Farberware, that home cooks and professional chefs are looking for. Skillets, omelette pans and griddles share space with roasters and Dutch ovens, giving you plenty of choices when choosing gifts for the cook.

Instant pots and slow cookers turn out chilis and stews that taste like they've simmered all day. Available in several sizes, these convenient kitchen appliances can cook for one or two or the whole gang.

For those chefs who like to experiment with specialty gadgets as well as flavours, Walmart Canada has everything from quesadilla makers to food dehydrators. Give your favourite cook a waffle maker and wake up to strawberry and whipped cream-topped Belgian delights, or choose a fondue pot for rich, creamy cheeses.

Necessities for baking

Every meal deserves a great dessert, and often, people who love to cook have scrumptious finales. Stand mixers are usually at the top of every cook's wish list, and KitchenAid has colours and models that will melt the heart of any baker. With a variety of attachments and speeds, these sturdy appliances can knead bread dough, whip cream and blend cake batter, all without manual support.

Just as many cooks are known for homemade pies as they are for their coq au vin. When you're looking for gifts for cooks who are great bakers, you'll want to focus on Walmart Canada's selection of bakeware sets and cookie sheets. Wilton's non-stick cake and muffin pans are great gift ideas for those who love nothing better than whipping something up in the kitchen, whether it's for a birthday or a county fair competition.

Don't forget the icing on the cake, or in this case, decorator tubes, sprinkles and edible decorations. Create a baker's basket of gifts for the cook by combining several of these items in a springform pan. Add some spatulas for accent pieces, and you have a great gift idea.

Decorative gifts for the cook

Once the meal is ready to serve, it's all about the staging. Here's where table linens, place mats and serving bowls come in handy. Every cook wants her food to look good, so a selection of gifts for the cook should always include something pretty to serve their masterpieces in. The Pioneer Woman is known for more than just creative recipes, and her line of vintage-inspired dinnerware is sure to make any tablescape a success.

Don't forget glassware and barware when looking for gift ideas for cooks. Pre- and after-dinner drinks should be served in appropriate glasses such as water goblets, martini glasses or Moscow mule mugs. Anchor Hocking has carafes and pitchers that help make each meal a little grander regardless of what's inside them.

Walmart Canada's collection of cooking gifts helps you find the perfect item to make that special someone smile. And, if you're lucky, they'll use it to make you a melt-in-your-mouth reward.




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