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Bringing a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion and selecting the right gifts for new parents is an honoured part of the celebration. At Walmart Canada, you can find a variety of keepsakes for new moms and dads that will ease their transition into parenthood and ensure the safety and comfort of the newest member of their family.

Gifts to Keep Baby Safe

Safety is a priority for new parents, so what better way to show your love and support than by giving a gift that protects their little one? Baby monitors give moms and dads the security of watching their new infant from another room, allowing them the freedom to enjoy some alone time without sacrificing the safety of their child or missing night feeding demands. Baby proofing the home is an important part of preparation, so outlet caps, cabinet locks and knob covers will help ensure new parents have everything they need. If you're in the market for higher valued gifts for new parents, check out our selection of safety rated car seats and travel systems.

General Care Gifts for New Parents

Babies require many general items in the first few years. We have a huge selection of products designed to help protect and nourish baby's sensitive newborn skin and a variety of items to keep infants secure and comfortable when it's bath time. Diapers are one of the biggest expenses parents face when caring for a new baby, so extra diapers and wipes will be appreciated. You can arrange them to create a themed diaper cake decorated with toys and keepsakes for an extra personal touch. If you're looking for more practical gifts for new parents, you can purchase a diaper bag and fill it with essentials such as bottles, pacifiers and a burp cloth set. When searching for essentials for new moms who have chosen to nurse their little ones, pick up a nursing pillow to promote comfort or pumping supplies so dad can take part in feeding as well. And don’t forget gifts for the little ones! We’ve got a wide selection of gifts for babies that are absolutely adorable.

Special Keepsakes for First-Time Parents

First-time parents experience a unique excitement that is highlighted by the new experiences they share with the first tiny addition to their family. Help commemorate all the special firsts with thoughtful keepsakes to capture each moment. New moms and dads can forever enjoy the tiny fingers and toes of their newborns with a framed hand and foot print keepsake or a 3D plaster casting kit. Baby memory books give parents a place to record all the milestones. We offer memory books that are already designed to hold special memories, or you can put together a scrapbooking kit with baby-themed embellishments for crafty moms and dads to create themselves.

Gifts Just for Parents

When a new baby is being brought into the world, parents are often consumed with all the preparations needed to care for their child. Set yourself apart from other well-wishers by purchasing gifts for new parents, not baby related, that can help them unwind after a long day of parenting. Stress is a big part of early parenting, so help new moms and dads relax with our selection of massage and spa items, such as heated massage cushions or soothing bath salts. We offer a variety of personal care sets at Walmart Canada, covering personal grooming and beauty needs. Gifting one of these sets can remind new parents that it's important to take care of themselves too.




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