Pet Gifts


Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you're looking for the perfect gifts for pet lovers and their furry and feathered friends, Walmart Canada has what you need. Whether the person you're shopping for cat gifts or dog gifts, we’ve got you covered. Even if the person cares for something a little less conventional like fish or birds, we offer an excellent selection of animal-themed merchandise as well as items for their pets to enjoy.

Personal Gifts for Pet Lovers

The animal lover in your life sees their pets as irreplaceable members of the family and will appreciate any present you give that respects that special bond.  For the active pet owner, a stylish dog collar or leash can make evening walks with Fido safe and enjoyable. Pets need to eat and pet food and treat bags can look cluttered. Giving a fun, decorative storage or feeding solution allows the pet owner to keep pet food items locked away from curious pests while incorporating their love for animals in household decor.

Another present idea for pet owners is a personal item featuring a favorite animal or breed, such as watercolour prints with French bulldogs or a plush Siamese cat. Decorative home items or pet-themed apparel is always a hit with animal lovers. For people with a new pet, books and guides offering care tips can help them learn the best ways to keep their pets happy and healthy. Don't forget the kids when searching for gifts for pet lovers. Children often have a strong bond with their pets, so toys and games featuring their favourite animals are certain to elicit big smiles and hugs of gratitude.

Gift Ideas for Pets

Gifts for pet lovers are relevant for any holiday, but what about occasions that call for giving something thoughtful to their pets? Wrapping pet toys and treats is a great way to honor the loyalty and companionship a pet brings to your loved ones' lives. For many pet owners, pet toys and accessories double as gifts for them, offering the reward of seeing their lovable companions' joy or allowing them to share in the fun as they play together.

Dog Gifts and Cat Gifts

If you're in the market for a pet gifts for dogs or cats, sturdy chewing ropes and catnip-infused toys provide hours of fun for four-legged family members. Some dog toys double as tooth cleaners to keep canine mouths healthy as they play. More elaborate cat items, like cat trees and scratching posts, allow cats to maintain the integrity of their claws while protecting their owners' furniture. Birds will enjoy dangling toys and ladders or swings to add interesting activities to their cages. Smaller pets, like hamsters or gerbils, will appreciate an exercise ball that allows them to explore the house or yard in safety.

Treats for Pets

If you want to give the gift of delicious treats, make sure to check with the pet owner to ensure there are no allergy issues before making your selection. At Walmart Canada, you can find a variety of treats for most common household pets, many of them offered in several flavours. When deciding what kind of treats to give, you can base your choice on flavours you think the pet might enjoy or you can opt for treats that offer something beneficial. We have many dog treats available that provide a tasty snack while also cleaning teeth and freshening breath. offers cuttlebones that provide an opportunity for birds to keep their beaks from overgrowing and provide a much-needed source of calcium.

When you're in need of gifts for pet lovers in your life, make Walmart Canada your first stop to find everything you need in one convenient place.






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