Great Gifts for Women at Walmart Canada

Whether you're commemorating a festive day or just the everyday magic of someone important to you, and whether they're friends or family, colleagues or significant others, it's important to have a wide choice of gift ideas for the women in your life. The right gift idea can make all the difference in creating a cherished experience for birthdays or holidays, weddings or engagements, anniversaries, job promotions and all the many other special times worth celebrating. And if you don't need an occasion to tell someone how much they mean to you and what a difference they make every day, having the perfect gift can be just as precious as a memorable token of affection year-round.

Walmart Canada provides a great selection of holiday gifts for women including a competitive range of high-quality fashions and fragrances, jewellery and body care options. Our goal is to make it easy to find just the right way for you to celebrate the woman of the hour, and to give her a gift that feels genuinely personal.

The Gift of Fashion

The elegance and timeless appeal of the Joan Kelley Walker Collection -- launched in exclusive partnership with -- provides a wide range of chic and affordable apparel options that make welcome gifts for women of all ages. You can also treat a friend to the breezy confidence of the George clothing brand, another Walmart exclusive. Other fabulous brands include Nitrogen, Canadiana and Alia, making it easy to find a fit for almost any personal style.

Fragrance Gift Ideas

The right fragrance can provide a sweet floral accent to everyday life or offer a dreamlike quality perfect for special events or a night out on the town. offers a truly extraordinary range of gift ideas for perfumes and colognes, including specialty lines such as Versace, Davidoff, Alfred Sung, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and more. The sheer breadth of our available products makes it almost effortless to find gifts for women who enjoy pampering themselves.

Personalized Jewellery Can Make the Perfect Gift

There's nothing quite like a sublime piece of jewellery for celebrating and remembering your most important relationships or life's most important milestones. Extraordinary pieces from master jewellers such as Miabella, Artesia and Tangelo provide an enchanting accompaniment to life's rich symphony, great gifts that bring out the lustre in those special moments and accentuate it with style, elegance and flair. With so many gorgeous designs to choose from, can help you find the gift piece that the women in your life will treasure forever.

Great Body Care Gifts

One of the best gifts for women in body and soul is the gift of self-care. It's all about feeling at home, comfortable and beautiful with the skin you're in. has a fantastic selection of products that aim to make a body look and feel its best, from rejuvenating bath pearls to organic and natural skin care products, body mists, lotions, moisturizers and much more. Just pick out the option that's right for your occasion and let our flexible and affordable shipping options do the rest.




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