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How to Choose Great Host or Hostess Gifts

Host or hostess gifts are small tokens of appreciation guests give to people to thank them for their hospitality, especially during the Christmas season. The type of item you give and how elaborate it might be depending on the situation and your own preferences, but generally speaking these are thoughtful gifts that aren't extremely expensive or elaborate.

When Should You Bring a Host or Hostess Gift?

It’s rare that providing a host or hostess with a token of appreciation is poor form, as hosts or hostesses are generally thankful in response.  In a social setting, whether among friends or family, host or hostess gifts may be appropriate when someone:

  • Invites you to dinner
  • Invites you to a party
  • Hosts a party in your honour, including a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or anniversary party
  • Hosts a fundraiser
  • Invites you to stay at their home overnight or for more than one night

Typically, you arrive at the event with the host or hostess gift. In cases where the person surprised you with the celebration, you can purchase a hostess gift after the event and give it to them at a later time.

Ideas for Hostess Gifts

Host and hostess gifts can range from useful items to personal luxuries. A box of chocolates or decorator candles are both very common hostess gifts, and they're almost always appropriate. One benefit of these gifts is that the hostess can choose to use or display them during the event if she chooses.

Don't get stuck brainstorming host gifts that can be used for the event, though. The idea is to show appreciation, which means choosing something thoughtful that the host or hostess can use or enjoy in the future. General gifts that work for most people include candles or tea towels, for example. A pretty bottle of hand soap for the kitchen or bathroom sink is also a nice gift, and if you know the hostess as more than a general acquaintance, self-care items such as bath wash, lotion or essential oils may be appreciated.

An understanding of the host's preferences and home can help you tailor the gift even further. A small kitchen utensil — especially if it's themed or unique — makes a fun gift, and you can even combine a few items to make a gift basket. A selection of teas with a fun tea strainer, coffee with a new mug, or a bottle opener and a pack of high-end beer are all examples of great host or hostess gifts.

The person's hobbies can also help you choose a host or hostess gifts. A coffee table book or other book related to their interests may be appreciated, and you can also give them something related to their hobby, such as supplies or a new tool. Gift a host writer a new pen or notebook, an artist a sketch pad and an avid golfer a box of his favourite balls, for example. has plenty of gift options for showing appreciation to your host or hostess.





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