Halloween makeup & face paint

Make your costume and character come to life with some spooktacular Halloween makeup when you apply facepaint!

Make your costume and character come to life with some spooktacular Halloween makeup when you apply facepaint!

Enhance Your Costume with Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a time when everyone is encouraged to embrace their creative side. While having a great costume is important, the right Halloween makeup is what will set you apart from the crowd. Online and in-store at Walmart Canada, you'll find a wide variety of makeup kits and supplies perfect for enhancing your scary or sweet Halloween costume. Get inspired with these Halloween makeup ideas for every skill level.

Quick and Easy Makeup Suggestions

Whether you're a makeup beginner or just running low on time, you'll want a look that is quick and simple to create. Vampire makeup kits are a great choice for beginners as they include everything you'll need, like the makeup, applicators, and sometimes even accessories. To become a vampire, start by smudging black shadow all around the eyes, then paint your lips bright red. Add plastic fangs, all-black clothing, and spooky drops of blood under your lips.

Since pirate makeup is very similar to vampire makeup, you can use the same makeup kit for two great looks. To start your pirate transformation, smudge dark eyeshadow all around your eyes. You can paint your lips with red, burgundy, or even black lipstick. Dress in stripes and add a bandana or pirate hat to complete the illusion.

Want to look cute, not spooky? Become a cat with a pair of ears, a painted-on black nose, and whiskers drawn onto your cheeks. Another easy and cute costume idea is the scarecrow. Use quick-drying Halloween paints in orange or pink to draw on a nose and two rosy circles on your cheeks. Next, draw fake stitching onto your mouth with a black makeup pencil. Finish the look with a pair of denim overalls and a floppy straw hat.

Intermediate Makeup Suggestions

Your makeup options increase if your skills are a little more advanced or if you're willing to put in extra time. Embrace the Halloween season by turning yourself into a living jack-o'-lantern. First, cover your entire face and neck with orange body paint. Then, outline your eyes in black and draw thin black lines vertically across your face to mimic the pumpkin's ridges. Using straight, steady lines, paint on a triangular nose and a cut-out mouth. To make the look funny, not spooky, finish by taping a battery-powered candle to a headband.

A mermaid costume would also benefit from a full face of pretty makeup. Use shades of blue, green, or purple to dress up your eyes and draw little scales onto your forehead and cheeks. You can also attach sequins or rhinestones to your face using a skin-safe adhesive to add a little extra sparkle. Wear a long, flowing Halloween wig to complete the ethereal look.

Expert Makeup Suggestions

If you're a makeup artist or have the help of one, your costume makeup options are limitless. One fun idea is to dress as a pop art character. Pop art makeup may look simple, but the intricate dot patterns and line detailing take both skill and patience. For best value, look for a makeup kit that includes a variety of colours like white, blue, and black. You can dress as a comic book background character or as a pop art version of your favourite superhero. Add Halloween costume accessories like a crime-fighting weapon to complete your superhero persona.

If you aim to scare, consider zombie makeup. At Walmart Canada, you'll find a variety of special effects makeup kits to help with your zombie transformation. Darken your eyes with dark shadow to give yourself an "undead" look, then use makeup to add cuts and scars onto your face. With Walmart Canada's affordable special effects makeup kits, you can practice and perfect your look before the big day.

Whether your costume is sweet or spooky, a touch of makeup is sure to strength the look. There are tons of awesome makeup ideas for Halloween for every skill level - the only limit is your imagination! Walmart Canada offers value sets that are designed with certain costumes in mind, saving you time and money. With everything from simple lipsticks to professional grade special effects makeup available in stores and online, you can really show off your creative side this Halloween.




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