Halloween Masks

Add a spooky touch to your costume with fun, creative and scary Halloween masks, available at great prices with Walmart Canada. Add to the excitement that is Halloween night!

Add a spooky touch to your costume with fun, creative and scary Halloween masks, available at great prices with Walmart Canada!


Get into Character with Halloween Masks

If you want to fully commit to your character this Halloween, consider wearing a mask. Scary Halloween masks, as well as playful ones, completely change your appearance by covering your face, giving you a deeper connection to your character. When you're wearing one, your own friends and family may not even recognize you! These accessories are simple to put on and instantly enhance your Halloween attire. Whether your costume is cute, scary, or funny, Walmart Canada can help you complete the look with their wide selection of masks.

Cute Halloween Costume Masks

You may not let a black cat cross your path this Halloween, but you can transform into one with cute animal masks. Our selection of these accessories cover everything from household animals like cats and dogs to zoo animals like pandas. You can even dress as a mythical unicorn! Some masks are made of latex while others are soft and furry. And the fun doesn't end with Halloween! Put together a simple animal costume for the spooky holiday, then keep it handy for children's birthday parties and events all year long.

Walmart Canada also carries a wide range of masquerade masks with pretty details like feathers and sequins. These half masks only cover part of your face, but still add a hint of secrecy to your costume. Pair masquerade masks with a pretty dress or snazzy suit for a cute and mysterious look perfect for any costume party.

Time to Get Scary!

Why spend hours applying layer after layer of special effects makeup when you can just pop on a mask? Scary Halloween masks allow you to instantly transform from a human being into a horrible monster. Choose from a wide selection of masks that are sure to make your friends and family jump, such as masks of a rotting zombie, deformed alien, or a vampire. The hyper-realistic details might even give you chills when you look at yourself in the mirror!

You can also use masks to become an iconic horror movie character like Michael Myers or Leatherface, both of which wear masks themselves in their films. In addition, there are plenty of clown mask options if you want to imitate a Stephen King villain. Once Halloween is over, you can even save your mask to use as a spooky Halloween decoration for next year. 

Funny Halloween Costume Masks

Halloween doesn't have to be all about the spooks and scares - there are also plenty of mask options that are sure to give your trick-or-treaters a chuckle. A latex Halloween mask can turn you into your favourite cartoon character with minimal effort. No need to fiddle with makeup or body paint when you can just slip on a mask and become a Star Wars or Simpsons character in an instant. You can also choose from a range of masks depicting well-known figures from movies or politics. Just make sure you practice your celebrity impressions beforehand so you can stay in character all night long.

Complete your costume this season with an awesome Halloween mask from Walmart Canada. With us, masks are affordable and easy to use while still making a huge impact on your Halloween costume. Whether you're aiming to look cute, scary, or funny, the high-quality detailing on these masks will help you to achieve your goal. Even if you're just staying home to hand out candy, you can quickly put on a mask to get into the spirit of the season. And once the holiday is over, costume masks can be reused for parties throughout the year or as a quirky decoration in your home.




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