Halloween Costumes

Whether you're looking for a scary, goofy, cute or fun costume, you can find a wide selection of Halloween costumes for kids and adults at Walmart Canada. Enjoy a fun night of trick-or-treating in your perfect disguise!

Whether you're looking for a scary, cute or fun costume, you can find a wide selection of Halloween costumes for kids and adults at Walmart Canada.

Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween is the one day each year where adults and kids alike are free to dress as crazy as they want, with absolutely no judgement. In fact, the crazier the better! Halloween costumes for adults and kids come in all sorts of styles, from classy and cute to truly terrifying. Let your creative juices flow and choose a costume that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

If you're not sure where to start, browse through Walmart Canada's costumes for Halloween online or in stores to find inspiration. With a wide selection of costumes available at affordable prices, you can grab a great costume for every member of your family.

Popular Costumes for Women

Though there are hundreds of great costume options for women, the most popular adult costumes usually have a flirty, feminine vibe. Princess, mermaid, and fairy costumes are always top choices as they're both pretty and simple to put together. You can even use shoes and dresses from your own closet for a DIY costume, then finish with Halloween costume accessories like crowns or fairy wings. If you're low on time, Walmart Canada carries many ready-to-wear Disney costumes that will make you feel like a real princess.

If you like your costumes sexy, Walmart Canada also has many costumes with a provocative vibe. Become a sexy vampire, police officer, or prison inmate, or stick to an all-time classic and become a flirty French maid.

Popular Costumes for Men

Like adult women costumes, there are countless options for men's costumes. In general, though, most costumes for men are either funny or powerful. Funny costumes can be anything from a cartoon character to a movie character or celebrity. They can also be something super silly like a brightly dressed clown or even a cob of corn. Superhero costumes and pirate costumes are also popular with men as they emanate strength and power.

Kid-Favourite Costume Ideas

If you've been tasked with finding a great costume for your child or teen, you probably want to choose from the most popular styles for the year. Kids like to always be on trend, so think about any movies, TV shows, or video games that were especially popular during the year. Movie costumes you can expect to see a lot in 2019 are from franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Characters from the Mario and Zelda games are classic video game costumes that will never go out of style. Oh wait, there’s more! We’ve got cute, fun and just the right amount of spooky in toddler and baby Halloween costumes.

When in doubt, have your child help pick out their costume so you know you'll have a happy kid this Halloween.

Group Costumes

Group costumes are always a hit at Halloween events but are often tough to coordinate. Since Walmart Canada stocks everything from toddler costumes to plus size costumes, every member of your family or friend group can participate. You'll not only save time by shopping together, you'll also ensure that all your costumes are perfectly coordinated. Group costumes can either include costumes that are all the exact same or can all be part of a central theme or franchise.

This Halloween, don't let the kids have all the fun! Whether you choose separate costumes or a group theme, dressing up for Halloween is an activity the whole family can enjoy. If you're struggling to decide between Halloween costume ideas, browse through Walmart Canada's wide selection of costumes and accessories to see what sparks your creativity. With so many great costumes to choose from, you're sure to look great and have fun at your Halloween party or while you go out to trick or treat.




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