Couple Halloween costumes

Show up to Halloween parties and steal the show with the best couples Halloween costume! At Walmart Canada, you and your partner can find unique and fun combinations for Halloween night!

Show up to Halloween parties and steal the show with the best couples Halloween costume at great prices, when you shop with Walmart Canada!

Group and Couples Costumes for Your Social Halloween

Want to be the talk of the night at the upcoming Halloween party? Consider coordinating your costume with your significant other or a group of friends. Choosing to wear matching costumes makes it easy to decide what to wear and will help make the night all that much more memorable. Matching group and couples Halloween costumes are perfect for showing off on social media.

Walmart Canada makes it easy to find group and couples costumes for 2019 that everyone will love. We carry costumes in a wide range of sizes and styles, as well as in all of the current trends. Even if you can't find the exact same costumes to fit both you and your significant other or to fit everyone in your group, you can always get the matching look by accessorizing with Halloween hats and Halloween masks.

Couples Costumes for Halloween with Your Sweetheart

If you're going to be spending Halloween with your significant other, then it's almost a must that you coordinate your costumes. There are so many couples costume ideas to choose from that you might just need to pick more than one! Don't forget to choose one that plays to your unique tastes and personalities.

Perhaps the two of you have a favourite iconic TV or movie duo that you want to dress up as. Or maybe you want to go with something more humorous, such as a police officer and an escaped convict, Fred and Wilma from the Flintstones, or Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Whatever costume you decide on, we have all the right accessories, hats, and masks to help put your look together. We also have a great selection of Halloween capes if you want to go as a superhero pair.

Halloween Costumes for Your Squad

At Walmart Canada, we also carry fantastic group costumes so that you and your whole entourage can coordinate your Halloween look. Go as the cast of your favourite TV show, as the characters from a book that you all love, or as a rag-tag group of pirates. Superhero costumes are a great idea for groups as well. You can dress up as existing superheroes from movies and comic books or create your own unique superhero identities.

A great way to complete a set of matching group Halloween costumes is with Halloween face paint and make-up. You can have a lot of fun getting together with everyone before going out to paint each other's faces and do each other's makeup.

Find Everything You Need for the Halloween Party

Are you ready to win Best Group Costume or Best Couples Costume at the upcoming party? Walmart Canada has everything you need to ensure a fun night. Browse our selection of Halloween costumes and accessories and you're sure to find something that everyone can agree on.

If you're going for that coordinated look right down to the very last detail, then you'll also want to check out our selection of Halloween wigs that you and your friends or you and your significant other can wear.

Whether you're going for the true, scary Halloween look or for costumes with a sense of humour, look no further than the fantastic selection of group and couples Halloween costumes available at Walmart Canada.



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