Funny Halloween costumes

Get a good laugh this Halloween with our wide selection of funny Halloween costumes.

Get a good laugh this Halloween with our wide selection of funny Halloween costumes.

Get all the laughs with funny Halloween costumes from

Halloween doesn’t have to be all scary when you’re planning on what costume to wear.

Pick from a variety of funny Halloween costumes for adults, children and pets that will sure get a few laughs and make you the life of the party. Shop our collection of funny Halloween costumes online or in-store at Walmart Canada.

Get ready for a humourous Halloween

Shop for hilarious and wacky costumes, whether you’re going solo or planning a group costume. Have you thought of going as a breakfast spread? Get group members to dress as eggs, bacon and beans. Thinking of going vintage? Dress as disco dancers with a bellbottom pants and big wigs. There’s no limit to funny costume ideas, especially when you add on Halloween costume accessories.  Use face paint, masks and leggings to complete your look. If you’re an animal lover with a four-legged friend, don’t forget to check out cat and dog costumes to make sure everyone is in the spooky spirit.

Perfectly hilarious inflatable costumes

Another great option for a funny Halloween is an inflatable costume. They give the appearance that the costume-wearer is standing on the shoulders of a baby, a weightlifter or another comical character. You can even wear an inflatable costume to match the Halloween décor and theme of the party. If you’re going to a classic haunted house, think about going as a giant pumpkin, or if it’s a western theme think about riding an inflatable horse. Whichever inflatable costume you choose, it’s sure to be a hoot at the upcoming Halloween party when you shop at Walmart Canada.






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