Kids Halloween Costumes

A night full of fun, spooks and tasty treats, Halloween is an event kids enjoy! Discover your favourite kids Halloween costumes and let your imagination run wild!

Look the part when you go trick-or-treating this Halloween! Find your a wide selection of kids Halloween costumes for boys and girls at great prices.

Kids Halloween Costumes for Trick-or-Treating in Style

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for children. They get to dress up and, best of all, go door-to-door collecting candy! Help your child make the most of Halloween this year by finding them that perfect costume to go door-to-door in. And, if you’re looking for toddler, infant and baby Halloween costumes, browse Walmart Canada’s wide selection!

At Walmart Canada, we carry a large selection of kids Halloween costumes and all of the Halloween hats to go with them. Choose from among popular costumes featuring Disney characters and Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, Harry Potter characters, and Transformers. Or perhaps you want to go with the more traditional witch, skeleton, zombie, pirate, or animal costumes. Whatever type of costume you are looking for, we've got it all!

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Kids

Most kids already know exactly what costume they want to wear for trick-or-treating and they'll be happy to let you know. If your child isn't too sure just yet, then the two of you can brainstorm Halloween costume ideas together. Does your child have any favourite TV or movie characters that they would like to go as? Do they want to wear matching costumes with their friends? Do they want to use Halloween make-up to help complete their look?

Another easy way to select a costume is to let your child browse Walmart Canada's selection of kids Halloween costumes alongside you. As they check out all of the different options available, something will be sure to catch their eye.

Accessories and More to Complete Your Child's Costume

Sometimes, it's the Halloween costume accessories that truly make the outfit. After all, a pirate can't leave the house without a fake sword, and a vampire can't set out into the night without their menacing, glow-in-the-dark fangs. With us, you'll find hundreds of unique accessories that you can add on to your child's costume to make it complete. We also carry Halloween wigs in case they want to go as a terrifying clown or a scary witch with long, black hair.

Dressing for the Weather on Halloween

If you live in an area that often gets cold by the end of October, then you know that finding a costume your child can wear while bundled up in winter gear can be a challenge.

The trick is to look for a getup that can be comfortably worn over top of a jacket and snow pants. You can either get roomier costumes or simply go up a few sizes with the specific costume your child wants. Walmart Canada's selection of different sizes and styles makes it easy to find a costume that can be worn when it's cold out.

A properly-fitted Halloween mask can also help keep your child's face and ears nice and warm. You can choose a costume that features gloves as part of the getup as well, such as a princess or a skeleton.

Finish Up Your Halloween Shopping at Walmart Canada

Get set for the spooky holiday by having your child's costume and accessories all picked out. You can trust Walmart Canada to carry affordable and high-quality Halloween looks that your child will love. Whether you are looking for scary costumes, funny costumes, or ones featuring your child's favourite TV or movie characters, you're sure to find the right theme among our extensive selection of trending and traditional Halloween looks.




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