Pet Costumes

How can anyone say no to adorable pet Halloween costumes for dogs and cats? Not us! Find cute and fun costumes for your pet this Halloween at great prices!

How can anyone say no to adorable pet Halloween costumes for dogs and cats? Not us! Find cute and fun costumes for your pet this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes for Your Four-Legged Friends

When you think about Halloween, you probably picture scary ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Perhaps you picture packs of zombies roaming your neighbourhood on the lookout for fresh brains! What you probably don't think of though is getting your furry friend dressed up in one of our frightfully fantastic dog costumes or cat costumes.

Halloween might be the scariest holiday of the season, but with unique pet costumes, it can also be one of the most adorable. You can also find indoor and outdoor decorations to help you get your home into the spirit of the season without spending a fortune.

Delightful Dog Costumes

Halloween movies are full of guts and gore, but your home movies and snapshots don't have to feature terrifying scenes that make your hair stand up on end. Instead, shop Walmart Canada to find dog Halloween costumes that make you and your whole family roll on the floor laughing.

You have a variety of options when choosing a costume for dogs, but popular choices include Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, police officers, firefighters and teddy bears. You can even find funny dog costumes that turn your pet into a tremendous t-rex, colourful peacock or bad to the bone biker!

If your pup likes his or her costume, you can also take them along with you trick or treating with the kids. Everybody is going to want to see your dog's costume. Just make sure any treats Fido or Fluffy gets are dog-friendly, not chocolate-based!

Funny, frightening or just plain silly, Walmart Canada has a huge selection of costumes for your pets.

Colourful Cat Costumes

Black cats might be the stuff of Halloween lore, but if you're a cat lover, you know that your cuddly feline certainly isn't bad luck. Prove it to everybody else by getting a cute cat costume this Halloween.

Walmart Canada carries a big selection of cat costumes for those furry boys and girls who don't mind playing dress-up. Options like UPS delivery driver, Batman and blushing bride are all hilarious picks for your cat.

Some small costumes also work for cats and dogs, so don't feel limited to just options specifically for cats. Oh, and if it's not too sacrilegious, you can even find a dog costume for your cat!

Halloween Accessories for Your Pet

Full Halloween costumes for your dog or cat can be a lot of fun, but some pets just aren't into it. If you can't make a full costume for dogs or cats work, shop for one of our Halloween accessories designed for your pet.

Options like bow ties are super cute, and if your pet wears a collar, they won't even notice that it's on them after the novelty wears off. Whether you're out tricking or treating or answering the door to give out Halloween treats, make sure you make your pooch or kitten part of the festivities.

Shop Walmart Canada to find costumes and accessories for this Halloween. You can find options for your little dog, large dog or your feisty feline. Who says Halloween has to be scary instead of downright adorable?

Make sure you check out our selection of Halloween costumes for kids and adults while you're at it.




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