Halloween decorations

Walmart Canada offers a wide selection of Halloween decorations that will transform your home into the spooky, scary, and fun scene that you've always wanted!

Walmart Canada offers a wide selection of Halloween decorations that will transform your home into the spooky, scary, and fun scene that you've always wanted!

Create a frightfully fun display with Halloween decorations

Liven up your October event or create a display to impress the entire neighbourhood with Halloween decorations ranging from cute to creepy. Whether you're outfitting a single room or your entire front yard, these themed pieces set a spooky tone. Find Halloween decorations for indoors and outdoors at Walmart Canada. 

Outdoor Halloween decorations

Make your home a neighbourhood sensation with outdoor Halloween decorations that showcase your spooky side. Tombstone decorations and graveyard fence posts make it easy to set up a fake cemetery on your lawn, and Halloween garden flags add a charming element to your outdoor decor.  Halloween inflatables shaped to resemble black cats, pumpkins and ghosts fill your front yard with an attention-getting display, while scary lawn stakes let you easily section off areas or line a pathway.  Place some articulated skeletons in various poses around your yard to make a creative custom display, and set a Halloween door mat on your porch to welcome guests.

Indoor decor for Halloween

Indoor Halloween decorations give your party that extra creepy touch and set the right tone for spooky revelry. Assorted novelty body parts, stretchy spider webs, hanging skeletons and other props let you design your own haunted house. Door covers introduce your theme as soon as guests approach your home, and wall stickers let you decorate without taking up any floor space. A scary wall hanging gives friends dressed in Halloween costumes a great backdrop for photos. Cute indoor decor for Halloween lets you celebrate without getting too scary. Look for decorations featuring pumpkins and friendly ghosts to adorn an area younger children frequent, and delight young visitors who come knocking on your door on Halloween night with themed candy bowls featuring popular characters holding a vessel full of sweet Halloween treats. You may also want to coordinate your entire home for Halloween with shower curtains and decorative pillows that fit your overall theme.

Halloween lighting

After dark, Halloween lighting draws attention and helps enhance your seasonal displays. Flickering Edison bulbs bring to mind mad scientist laboratories, while LED light strips brighten up sections of your home in colours that match your Halloween decorations. Consider setting up a strand of single-hue fairy lights in green, orange or purple to create a distinct look for your Halloween display. Light projectors are another option for seasonal lighting, and you can get Halloween-themed filters that project dancing ghosts, pumpkins or bats onto your exterior or interior wall. Many projector kits also accommodate filters for different holidays, so you can swap out the disk and use the unit for Christmas lighting as well.

Animated figures for Halloween fun

Take your Halloween decorating up a level with freestanding animated figures that move or speak when activated. Touch-operated figures add excitement to your display, and motion-activated figures turn on automatically when someone passes by. Funny animated figures lend a hint of humour to your Halloween decorations, while scary moving characters are great for startling friends and visitors. You can also create your own moving display with hanging skeletons or ghouls that slide down a cord to startle visitors or sway in the wind from a large tree.

Homemade Halloween

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition for many families, and carving kits make the process simple. Halloween cookie cutters let you bake treats in scary shapes for more do-it-yourself seasonal fun. Get interactive with friends and relatives by setting up some Halloween games indoors or outdoors.





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