Halloween Inflatables

Scary, fun and big! Halloween inflatables are a great way to give your home the spook it needs for the perfect Halloween look.

Scary, fun and big! Halloween inflatables are a great way to give your home the spook it needs for the perfect Halloween look.


Halloween Inflatables and Décor for Your Home

Spooky scenes are what Halloween is all about. That's why a lot of people create their very own haunted house to horrify the neighbours and trick all of the treaters out for candy. You don't have to go overboard and create your own haunted house to make the most of Halloween decorations around your home.

With easy to install Halloween blow-ups, you can add a spooky touch to your indoor and outdoor décor this year without spending a fortune in the process. All that money that you save can be spent on costumes, creepy masks, Halloween hats and more.

Scary Halloween Blow Ups

Go for a ghoulish setup this year with inflatables designed to scare everyone who even looks at your home. Halloween inflatables like witches, pumpkin-headed grim reapers, goblins, ghosts and vampires can all guard your front yard and make it look more like a home for the undead than the mere mortals who reside inside.

To really get your Halloween decorations going in full force, include yard lights designed just for Halloween. Multi-pattern lights, jack o lantern string lights, strobes and lights that play scary sounds are all an amazing addition to your Halloween display.

You can also find tried and true classics like spider webs, plastic spiders, coffins, tombstones and more to give your house a frightening look. If you make your house scary enough, you might even get to keep the candy you bought for those trick or treaters!

Fun Halloween Inflatables

Some Halloween decorations can be a bit too scary for kids. What about a black cat that's wearing a smile instead of a pair of bloody fangs? We've got a huge selection of inflatables that are kid appropriate and less terrifying than your average Halloween fare.

Kid-friendly vampires, ghosts and movie characters are also a great option. While they might be traditionally scary, smaller inflatables for Halloween often feature motifs that make kids laugh instead of scream. Smiling vampires, friendly ghosts and huggable zombies are great when you're hosting a party for kids.

They're also a lot of fun to install in and around your home with your little ones. Shop our selection of kid-approved Halloween decorations to make it a holiday for the whole family this year.

Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

Many inflatables can be used indoors or in your entry area, helping you set up for trick or treaters or a party. A lot of options can go in your front or backyard too. You can even use your inflatables on the patio, porch or the roof if you're careful about installing them.

Hanging skeletons, cackling witches, zombies and grim reapers all make excellent decorations for indoor and outdoor use. If the weather is harsh, make sure you utilize outdoor-rated decorations or put them somewhere covered so they don't get damaged.

Our affordable decorations can be used for years to come if you store them properly between Halloweens.

Halloween only comes once a year, and if you're like most people who love the holiday, you want to squeeze all the fun out of it that you can. Shop Walmart Canada to find everyday low prices on costumes, candy for trick or treaters and fun inflatables to help you guard your haunted mansion this year.

We also have Halloween movies and accessories so you can go all out this year. Just don't scare yourself so badly you can't sleep!




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