Indoor Halloween Decorations

Inspire yourself with a load of ideas with our wide variety of spooky and fun indoor Halloween decorations!

Inspire yourself with a load of ideas with our wide variety of spooky and fun indoor Halloween decorations!

Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Are you ready for Halloween? Many families wait patiently for months to break out the decorations and make their home the scariest place in the neighbourhood. If that sounds like you, we've got all of the indoor Halloween decorations you're going to need this season. Halloween Decorations transform the aura of your home into a spooky and fun place to be!

Shop Walmart Canada to find décor items for your Halloween party, entry area or your entire home. We've even got elaborate indoor decorating ideas that let you go crazy and create the Halloween house of your dreams.

Basic Halloween Décor

Decorating the inside of your home for Halloween is a great way to make the holiday come alive. A lot of families even do it together, taking a whole day to deck the house out from top to bottom. 

Get your supplies at Walmart Canada early and make it a DIY Halloween. You'll be able to enjoy those spooky spiders, grotesque spider webs and hanging skeletons for weeks! That's how real Halloween lovers do it.

Halloween Technology

Everybody loves a good piece of technology, right? While Halloween might be for the undead, that doesn't mean you can't get some great gadgets to play up the fear of this frightful holiday!

A few examples include unique animatronic items, like spiders and flashing strobe lights that are perfect for your Halloween party. Smoke machines are also a fun addition if you want to get your corpse-like guests out there on the dance floor!

Other indoor Halloween decorations like skulls, wall decals, ghost figurines and so much more give you the power to turn your house into a bizarre, fright-filled fortress that your guests won't ever want to leave. Candles and string lights help you illuminate your indoor ambiance in a festive manner that's fitting for the season.

We've also got outdoor decorations like lights, tombstones, graveyard fences and coffins that will scare the pants off everyone in your neighbourhood. Glow in the dark figurines and spider webs are also a creative way to personalize your front door

Haunted House Halloween Decorations

Haunted houses are a mainstay of Halloween, but you've probably never thought of creating your own full-scale version before. With everyday low prices on special haunted-themed gear, Walmart Canada has everything you need to scare the neighbours back to the safety of their homes.

Items like decorative drapes, whole rotted wood walls, hanging spiders and spider webs can help you kick off your haunted house on the right foot. You can also find bloody fingers, candy containers and more. Whether you want to create a kid-friendly experience or just give adults nightmares, we have exactly what you need.

Oh, and if you're going to scare people to death, the very least you can do is give them some candy on the way out, right? Since Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without candy, stock up on some sweet treats you can hand out after filling visitors with terror!

Shop Walmart Canada for a selection of other items like Halloween movies and candy to pass around to trick or treaters. We also have costumes for the whole family and even your pets. Our everyday low prices give you the ability to shop for all of the decorative items you want, without skimping on originality or quality.

Make the most of every minute of your Halloween this year by filling your basket with ghoulish goodies!




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