Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Style Your Home with Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Are you a Halloween lover that goes all out every year? If you are, we've got the outdoor Halloween decorations you need to make your home a place nobody will dare to tread --- that is, until they're desperate for Halloween candy! Find spooky and fun Halloween Decorations that will transform your home!

Shop Walmart Canada to find great deals on Halloween yard decorations to create a spooky space or a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Decorating your home also makes a great introduction to guests coming over for a party, as well as those unfortunate trick or treaters that don't know any better.

Our selections don't stop at outdoor Halloween decoration ideas -- we also have plenty of fun options to make the inside of your home a real nightmare, too.

Create a Spectacularly Spooky Scene

Halloween fanatics tend to enjoy decorating their outdoor spaces with ghoulish scenes, turning their home into macabre masterpieces. This year, stock up on Halloween yard decorations like foam tombstones, animatronic spiders, inflatable witches and more.

You can also utilize our assortment of Halloween lights to scare everyone within sight of your home. String lights, light-up signs, solar lights and strobes are an excellent addition to your Halloween décor shopping list. We've even got whole systems that allow you to decorate both your front and backyard in true Halloween style.

We also have a variety of Halloween movies, costumes and masks, so you can really do it right.

Kid-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Severed fingers, life-size zombies and cackling witches are fun for adults, but to little kids, they're truly scary. If you're having a party for kids or just trying to keep it kid-friendly for your family, look for special decorative items like Minions yard décor and oversized cotton candy sculptures that can be displayed on your front porch.

Make a Haunted House

Halloween is one of the few times of year - the only time, really - where you can scare people half to death and then say you're sorry with a handful of candy. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?

With outdoor decorations for Halloween, you can lead people into your home's haunted house or use your front or backyard as a place to set up a maze of sheer terror. Items like rotten wood fences, hanging skeletons and inflatable coffins make ideal décor for freaking out your friends and family.

Get Your Family Involved

However you choose to decorate your house for Halloween, getting your family involved can make it a fun time for everyone. Even little kids can get in on the action if you give them a job like putting those little plastic spiders in their webs!

Decorating the house for the holiday is also an exciting way to bond with older kids. After all, what brings parents and their teenagers together like a bunch of severed fake fingers in a bucket of blood? Make time for family this season and enjoy turning your home into a place of terror together!

Shop Walmart Canada to find outdoor decorations for Halloween that won't break the bank. We also have Halloween movies, costumes, hats and more so that you can get ready for the big day. Our great prices let you enjoy the season any way you want without worrying about your pocketbook.




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