Halloween Candy & Treats

Trick-or-treat! Expect adorable kids at your doorstep on Halloween night looking for tasty Halloween candy and treats! You can find a wide selection of candy at great prices with Walmart Canada!

Trick-or-treat! Find a wide selection of tasty Halloween candy and Halloween treats at great prices. Make Halloween night a memorable and tasty one!

Halloween Candy Is Here for a Limited Time

The costumes are fun and the spooky atmosphere is thrilling, but we all know the real star of the Halloween season is the candy. In stores and online at Walmart Canada, you'll find a great selection of Halloween candy variety packs featuring fun-sized versions of all your favourite treats. Many of these value boxes are only available around Halloween, so stock up while you can! With choices ranging from sweet chocolates to sour gummies and salty chips, you're sure to delight trick or treating youngsters, Halloween party guests, and your own family.

Wow Your Trick or Treaters

If you want to be the most popular house on the block this year for trick or treaters, you'll need a great selection of candy, chips, and chocolates. The affordable variety packs at Walmart Canada allow you to fill your bowl with Halloween treats that are salty, sweet, creamy, and crunchy. Don't forget to add a few spooky candies, like gummy body parts, to embrace the spirit of the season. Though most children aren't picky when it comes to free candy, they'll surely appreciate the chance to look through a heaping bowl of treats and choose their personal favourites.

To really solidify your position as the best Halloween house on the block, decorate your home with spooky outdoor Halloween decorations like inflatable monsters, spider webs, and lighted signs.

Host a Happening Halloween Party

If you won't be out trick or treating this year, you can still incorporate Halloween candy into your at-home gathering. Fill a bowl with treats for your guests to sample, or package some up to use as party favours. Treats with Halloween-themed packaging work especially well for these treat bags. Small toys or Halloween costume accessories are other great additions.

You can also use candy for party games like Halloween Bingo. Halloween Bingo is like regular bingo, but with Halloween-themed symbols (black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, etc.) instead of numbers. Your guests can use wrapped hard candy to mark their sheets as a designated bingo caller calls out the symbols.

Another simple game you can play is the Candy Guessing Game. Fill a few clear jars with small treats like candy corn or tootsie rolls, making sure to record the exact number of items you add to each jar. Your guests can take turns examining the jar then write down a guess of how many candies are inside. Whoever guesses closest to the right number gets to take home the candy-filled jar.

Enjoy a Sweet Treat Anytime

The boxes may say "Halloween," but that doesn't mean you can only enjoy Halloween treats on the 31st! A mini candy bar or two make a super simple, delicious dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth anytime. Since these value packs contain a variety of candies and chocolates, you can sample a different flavour each day based on your cravings. Individual-sized bags of chips and cookies are also just the right size to pop into a lunch bag for a special treat at work or school.

Saying goodbye to summer is always sad, but the changing leaves and colder weather mean that Halloween is just around the corner. Throughout the Halloween season, Walmart Canada has a wide selection of sweet and salty treats for you to choose from in-store and online. Pick up assorted candy boxes to hand out on Halloween or plan fun Halloween party games featuring your favourite sweet treats. And don't forget to pick up a box or two for yourself! Mini versions of your favourite chocolate bars are perfect for satisfying that nagging peanut butter cup craving without going overboard. Stock up on delicious Halloween sweets this season and you're sure to have a very happy Halloween.




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